Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ouch!! Split Ends

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One of my clients told me they like to pull their split ends apart up the hair strand. This felt like finger nails on a chalk board to me!! Please don't do that!!! You can think of your hair like a rope. It is a strong group of fibers wound together. When it gets older and weak the ends fray. Just like a rope if you cut them off you are left with a strong fused strand. If you let it stay frayed it will continue to slowly split up. This is why many people say, "my hair stops growing after a certain point". Probably because they go through a cycle of getting a bob, not cutting it for months, and that's where it usually stops for them around the shoulders.

Here are 2 sites that talk about split ends

little trims

why it splits

In these winter months with artificial heat and dry air, hair becomes more dull and brittle. Use conditioner whenever you wash. Try not to wash your hair everyday. And, a hydrating mask once a week would be ideal. I love Pureology NanoWorks Luxury Mask and ColourMax leave in daily.

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  1. Hi Kira,
    Love your blog! No wonder you were interested in the recollections of Leonard, hairdresser to Marie Antoinette. I wish I could tell you it is a juicy read but the formal language of the time it was written requires careful reading.