Sunday, January 30, 2011

Behind the Scenes With the "Black Swan" Costume and Makeup Teams

Check out the Swarovski crystals in the costumes that create a rainbow of light making the costumes more dynamic. The fabrics dance and have complexity like the characters. I also love the ghoulish metal crown. The hard surfaces are not pretty, pretty princess material but something heavy weighing Nina down but also making her the powerful queen.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis

The Black Swan has been the talk of the salon for the past few weeks with very mixed reviews. I just went to see it last Friday, and it set me into a mood since then. It's a movie that effects you. My coworker might have even developed a touch of vertigo from all of the whirling scenes. She was dizzy for days and had to miss work. But, it becomes mentally and physically exhausting if you actually let it in.

For hair...She wears it tight in a ballerina's bun..Her dark counterpart Mila Kunis wears it loose, tied in a floppy bun for practice. I think the only time Natalie has her hair down is when the white and black swan go to get drinks...Showing that she is beginning to let go of having to be perfect.

In the scene where Nina, the new star, takes the place of the old star which couldn't have been cast better as Winona Ryder we can see a clean, polished, sophisticated french twist on Nina. This style speaks classic elegance, and is kind of conservative. The french twist is a great go to style and is very popular for brides. We can see Winona in a shaggy, messy, flipped style. The bangs are a little overgrown falling over her eyes, the texture is a little frizzy and uneven. And, her eye makeup is smudged from tears of anger, sadness, and loss. The hair and makeup give her the look of a star that has fallen, a girl that must pull herself together to survive her next chapter of life or stay frazzled in her effort to hold onto her moment of fame instead of evolving gracefully.

Winona's makeup also plays a role when Nina steels the old stars red lipstick to try and seduce her teacher into giving her the lead role which requires her to play the white and black swan. Someone who can embody perfection/purity and instinct/sexuality.

The "Black Swan" was visually amazing. The costumes, the hair/makeup, the dancing, and the casting were spot on.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Polamalu tackled by hair

Head & Shoulders -Troy Polamalu Polamolecule Commercial

Superbowl Hair

Here are a few images of Pittsburgh Steeler, Troy Polamalo my Super Bowl hair hero...

How does he take care of his curls? With Head and Shoulders? With any products/ oils? I wonder...

Curly hair can be hard to deal with as anyone with curls will tell you. Touching it makes if fluffy...Rain makes it frizzy...Sleeping on it you can wake up and it's either gorgeous or flat on one side and crazy on the other...

Curls shouldn't be washed everyday. Maybe twice a week. You can rinse your hair with water to refresh it and bring the curls back together....When you wash it sometimes it will make it seem fuller or too much conditioner or a lot of shampoos/conditioners have waxes in them that can coat the hair and make it flat. The waxes can also clog pores in the scalp leading to weaker hair follicles which can eventually cause hair loss. I also believe in conditioning or moisturizing the scalp. My coworker Bett and I have noticed that scalps with tight skin are more likely to have thinner hair and flexible scalps have thicker hair. I'm not sure if this is anything that can be prevented, but drinking water, moisturizing the scalp, and taking biotin(which helps hair growth) can all help with thinning hair.

xo Steelers fans!!

Troy Polamalu Super Bowl Hair

I grew up in a small college town in Indiana, PA near Pittsburgh, and the STEELERS will always be my team... It looks like they are on their way to the SUPERBOWL! I love being a Steeler fan!! They are now tied with the Dallas Cowboys for attending the most Superbowls(fact according to my lovely sister Maria) I was on the phone all the 4th quarter with Maria...She helps understand every play...Love you sister..

So..being girls we talked about the players and hair of course...

Troy Polamalu has been growing his hair for 10 yrs. to show love for his Samoan roots. Hair only grows about 6 inches a year (1/2 and inch a month)...I'm not sure how long his hair is, but it's long and luscious.

Troy Polamalu's hair has a $1 million dollar insurance policy against on field hair loss. Players are allowed to pull hair to take his down. It's the 1st head of hair in sports history to be insured...pretty cool...Check out his "Head and Shoulders" commercials.. I would probably suggest Pureology Super Smooth or Hydrate Shampoos. I bet he would love the minty tingle and smell of Pureology's Hydrate conditioner...But, boys will be boys and use whatever they like:)I've heard guys also like Dove for a head and body wash.

I love that the NFL has an Official Shampoo...Thank you Head and Shoulders...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Relax at the Spa today

Looking for a spa?
Malu is a special day spa in the heart of Saint John's. With a name meaning peace in Hawaiian, Malu is a place where your soul can find harmony within it's simple, airy walls and go out into the world refreshed.

Malu provides

brow tinting
body treatments

Lash Tinting has become a popular service that not all salons/spas provide. It is great for blonds or people with invisible but long lashes.


Malu just over the Saint John's bridge.

Mention that you saw Malu on my blog and go in for a FREE BROW OR LASH TINT!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hair and Scarves

Here is an image I found from this years runway while grabbing a magazine for a client today...I found it interesting how the hair is tucked into the scarf. The color and flow of the hair against all of the gray is gorgeous. And, I like how the hair almost becomes a bob where the scarf pushes the form of the hair in...Just another way to wear your winter accessories:)

Again we are seeing solid, natural colors with hair (not a lot of highlighting) and, smokey eyes with a nude lip. This lip was very popular this season.

And, here's a peak at the new salon...We've been in it for 3 weeks, and I love it!! Our lighting is so much better here. My color is coming out so pretty thanks to all of the natural light.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Today I was out and the cover of Vanity Fair caught me again...I mean if you put Johnny Depp on the cover I'm going to have to look at the magazine.

In 2010 Vanity Fair has put out some of my favorite covers of any publication...Vogue and W are right up there too..Here are a few faves..

Trends I've noticed this year are solid hair colors which can also be seen on Marilyn and Liz Taylor. But, instead of the red lips we are seeing very pale, nude colors. But, stick to what looks best. If you need a splash of pink or red go for it. We don't want to appear washed out. Adding blush and a smokey eye can help balance a pale lip. Have fun and try something new for the NEW YEAR!!



Our lovely ladies with light eyes and dark hair..

The blond bombshells... I love Gaga's gray nail polish...

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ms. Wood on Kickstarter

Check out Spring/Summer 2011 Ms. Wood collection!! She won Portland Fashion Weeks Best Emerging Designer this year and is guaranteed a spot on next years runway!!!

For the collection's runway hair, we went with a fresh, slick back style having the hair down, swept back off the shoulders with a little bit of water or gel to get that wet feel at the roots. This would be a great style for work or dressing up to go out. Just take a product with hold (gel, hairspray) put it into the roots and comb back. Flat ironing it before will give the ends a more finished look. A little of Pureology's Glossing Mist or Shine Max would be the perfect finish for shiny, healthy looking hair.

I love the lines, colors, and the drama of simple silhouettes in this season's Ms. Wood collection.


Resolutions for 2011 or future:)

Hi friends,

So what are your new years resolutions? I'm excited for 2011!! I also like how this year looks with the 11 and 2 exclamation points!! hahahah...

Here are a few of my goals...

1. Go somewhere outside of Portland to work on a fashion week

2. Have a partner to help organize PFW to split the role of lead stylist so this year I can get my hands in the hair a few nights instead of coordinating each night. I had AMAZING, AMAZING stylists working with me last year!! Thank you all, and thank you Pureology for being a sponsor

3. 11 pull ups and a lot more rock climbing

4. manage my schedule better to make more time for trips..
at least

1 out of state hair trip
2 outdoor climbing trips
1 backpacking
2 trips to visit old friends

5. go to see live music in Portland at least 4 times

That's all for now..just a few main goals...more will come I'm sure!!