Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More Malene Jensen

A few more of the lovely Malene shot this winter in the studio. It's fun to work with wind and lights.

It's cool to see the same model in so such different looks from these 2 posts. I'm excited to see what we come up with for Malene's next look...

photographer : Shaun Mendiola
hairstylist: Kira Pinski
makeup: Terri Lodge
model: Malene Jensen
wardrobe: Melissa LaChance

Monday, May 23, 2011

Big Hair Photo Shoot

What have I been up to this winter? A lot of fun photo shoots!!!

In the next few days I will try to load all of them..There were about 6 total a bridal, a beach shoot, dessert, studio, and a sexy steamy from Carl Evan's that even I haven't seen yet...

This was one of my favorites shot by Brandon Witzel in my apartment. We had a great morning. We shot fast about 4 hrs. then Malene was off to a Nike casting call where she got the job!! She is a great model to work with. Very professional, positive attitude, knows how to pose and change it up fast, brings inspirational photos of styles that would fit her look.. Book her through Option Model Management

In this shoot we had fun piling tons of extra hair into pretty red hair...Always something different!

photographer : Brandon Witzel
hairstylist: Kira Pinski
makeup: M'chel Bauxal
model: Malene Jensen

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Men's Hair Cuts

Are you guys looking for some different Men's stlyles? Check out Steven Chu's BLOG

Finding new ideas for men's hair...Or even short women's cuts...requires imagination..and, willingness to try something different...Once a Colonel in the Marines told me the difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is 2 days..For someone who keeps their hair extremely short that's true..But, for most men they will need to get their haircut every 3-8 weeks depending on the style.

Determining factors?
hairline, thickness (hair density), wave pattern (texture) to begin with...

Then length can be decided..
How short should it be around the ears? Should there be hair falling over the ears, or lightly hiding a little, or cut very clean...
Determine how length and thickness of the sideburns...
Length of the hair in the front (bangs) Should it have a part of sweep to one side? What will it naturally do? Ask your stylist to show you a few tricks with a blow dryer or flat iron to tame unruly hair...
How short should the neckline be? If it's longer should pieces flick out so you can see them a little in the front? Should it be very short fading to longer like 20's gangsters? Or is it short or medium just normally blended..

These are all the elements of a men's cut...

You can also talk about hair color, hair loss treatments, and products...Different products will help achieve new looks...

And, don't forget the eyebrows:)

Steven Chu's BLOG of men's styles..


Monday, May 16, 2011

Locks of Love

Thank you to my lovely clients that chopped their locks for this wonderful cause...

You can send 10 inches of unbleached hair to Locks of Love

8 inches of hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths

Both charities have different donating requirements, so read everything before making a plan to cut your hair:)

Remember that it doesn't have to be 10 inches cut all over..Sometimes I just take ponytails from the back so that there is more to work with in the front. I find that making more ponytails leaves a better layout for the hair when I'm ready to cut and more to work with.. For example, if the layers on top are not 8-10 inches just section them out and don't include them in the donation.
It's better to have more hair to work with during the transformation..

If you are going in for a Locks of Love haircut tell your stylist that you are planning on donating your hair. They might need a little more time to do the initial cutting, sectioning, consulting, and showing you new ways to wear your new hair..

I believe energy is stored in hair. Clients change their hair drastically when they go through major life changes or when they need to redefine themselves..During breakups/divorces, after a baby or a new marriage, after a miscarriage or loss of a parent, when they are transitioning jobs or thinking about transitioning, starting or ending chapters of their life...These times call for change and letting go of one look and moving into another. Hair can be a way to feel control in times when so much is uncertain...It's your hairstylists job to figure out why you want a major change, what you are really ready for, and making sure you only go as dramatic as you will be happy with in 2 weeks or a month..Sometime it's good to think about it before chopping all of your hair..It grows about 1/2 inch a month..So, before you drastically chop, perm, or color consider that this is your new look for a while..As always time passes and hair grows..

I love releasing the long Locks of Love hair as a way to restore balance to my world. I send off 1 or 2 donations a year whenever I'm having a hard day or need to let go in order to move on to the next phase in life. It's a ritual I've been doing for about 3 years now, and it really makes me feel better sending love into the world from me and my clients. I save it at home in my closet until just the right time...And, today was the perfect day:)

lots of love.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Royal Wedding Hair and Hats

So, the other day on good old facebook I saw a great update on hairstyling.. Check out the link to this Kim Vo How To video on the hair that's all the rage...Kate Middleton our new fairytale bride.. Girls I would still go to a hairstylist for this.. But, I love posting for stylists and clients...education for all:)

What did you guys think of the hats?

Oh my... It is kind of a fun tradition...I wonder what we will see this wedding season in the US..Will we participate in this tradition and make it our new trend...If so, I love our local , Portland hat designer Dayna Pinkham Millinery Dayna's studio inside Morgan's Alley in downtown Portland has some pieces that you would love to try on...Stop in... Or, for less of a hat feel maybe something lighter weight check out Bridal Designer Twigs and Honey in my links I love on the right of the blog...

A few notable hats mostly by designer Philip Treacy" (His lines/shapes/use of color on his website are incredible)

Victoria Beckham is expecting her 4th child..She was not very friendly in her photos, but she looked gorgeous..Maybe she wasn't feeling well...I thought the hairstyle was a good choice to balance her hat..It was all neat, clean lines..I'm guessing her ponytail was added hair to give a long clean line in the back to balance the long twisting thin lines coming out of the hat...Very nicely done.. Can you believe those heels..It would be fun to try and walk in her shoes..especially if you get to walk beside David Beckham listening to his sexy accent..

This was one of my favorites..I think she is adorable...I'm excited for my cousin's wedding in October..It's pretty casual..But, I might still find some kind of head piece.. I can't wait to see all my family:)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Katie Shillingford pink hair

This is a gorgeous way to have a dusting of pink... In the Vogue article Katie Shillingford style editor who has a black and white Ombre bob in my blog post a few weeks ago, transforms into a paler shade for spring... I've seen she's one to watch...

One way for a quick effect on blonds is to crush powder or eye shadow and sprinkle it into the hair to catch the light...This can be done on brown hair with a gold or warm colored eye shadow..or on blacker tones with a blue, purple, or green..Really play with whatever makes you happy!!!

In college I had bright pink manic panic hair..I loved it..We bleached it all out light then dyed over it with red...which came out pink...The inspiration was a spring break rock climbing trip to the Red River Gorge in Kentucky..I was happy with the pink..I felt like a super hero...And, I think it helped give me hidden powers...

xo lovelies