Friday, February 24, 2017

Olaplex during Pregnancy...

I've seen the question online, in the salon, and wondered myself if Olaplex is safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Olaplex has been hitting the market all through my pregnancy and first year of breastfeeding. Here is my OPINION on the safety of Olaplex on a developing baby.

During my 10 years as a hairdresser, I've seen products like Wen have a class action lawsuit. Brazillian Blowout had to reformulate after high levels of formaldehyde were causing health issues. From what I understand the FDA does not regulate the beauty industry and no testing is required.

I am a hairdresser. I am not a chemist who understands what chemicals do on the hair and body. I have a limited understanding from the product reps and my own research. To truly know how these products effect our bodies and the bodies of our babies there needs to be long term testing.

Olaplex suggests clients consult with their physicians before using while pregnant on their MSDS sheet. This does not instill confidence in me as to the safety of this product while pregnant.
When you're at the doctor how much time do they usually have to think about a question like this? I would not risk exposing my baby to Olaplex while pregnant or breastfeeding. Hair color has been around for a long time. I feel safer using color during pregnancy after the first trimester, but Olaplex is relatively new.

 I do agree it makes the hair beautiful, and I hope this is a safe product for everyone in the future! Glad it's here, and I'm happy so many people are using it!