Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Clown Makeup

I'm still being inspired by clowns:)

I like this makeup done by Courtney Zepeda-Hawkes of Glamourpuss. She does makeup/hair/photography in the Charlotte, NC area.

This simple neck ruffle she made creates the illusion of a costume, and I like how the makeup is soft not overdone. The only thing that makes it clownish is the bright, glittery blue and the small heart..What a sweet, pretty clown. I also like the pink lip gloss instead of creating a huge false mouth. This would be perfect for dressing up during the day at work for places that take Halloween to that level.

Thank you Courtney Zepeda-Hawkes
beautiful makeup/photography/costume design

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Clown Wigs

Pink was the perfect clown at Heidi Klum's Halloween Party. I liked that it wasn't too slutty, the makeup was soft for a clown. I liked the pale face and the dusting of pink across the cheeks and nose instead of the foam nose.

I think it would be a cool idea to sew and pin 3 red clown wigs together into some kind of more interesting shape. I also love a bow of some sort.

Witchy Hair Idea

A rough dry texture, a little frizz, some definition, and wire...anyone feeling witchy this Halloween...

Photography: Michael Donovan
Hair: Alexander Tome

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Jason Canfield in Memory of...

Jason was a client of mine for the past 3 years. He passed away this August, and today would have been his 21st birthday. I loved spending time with Jason and creating highly textured cuts accentuate his Asian hair. He had great style, and I am so sad I will never get to see what he could have become and what we could achieve with his hair over a lifetime. I am so thankful for the time we spent together.

To all my clients... Know that I am here for you.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

More Halloween Hair Ideas

Halloween Hair Ideas

I still have appointments for Friday the 30th before 2:00 and saturday the 31st before 4...

$45 for halloween styles..normally $60

if you want extensions added in I will pin them in with bobby pins. I suggest getting them at Wigland on NE Broadway..keep in mind human hair can curl with an iron or water.. synthetic melts(so get it straight or curly depending on your style)

i did the hair for all of these photos..some extensions enhanced some of these styles.



Halloween Hair Ideas

I still have appointments for Friday the 30th before 2:00 and saturday the 31st before 4...

$45 for halloween styles..normally $60

if you want extensions added in I will pin them in with bobby pins. I suggest getting them at Wigland on NE Broadway..keep in mind human hair can curl with an iron or water.. synthetic melts(so get it straight or curly depending on your style)

all hair in these photos was done by me except the obvious Mae Murray:)



Monday, October 19, 2009

Content 09 Fashion Happening at Ace Hotel

Here are just a few photos I took on my phone.

Designers Jaeanne Marie and Andy Lifschutz shared a room created a necklace. All night people could choose a piece of inspiration to add to the necklace and get a raffle ticket for participating. The lucky winner was Oliver.

The goldfish were in Dawn Sharp's room. When I got there around 9:45 they were talking about how they were going to transport these fish back home:)

I realized when I got home I didn't have any pictures of clothes for this blog. Portland designs are one of a kind wearable art that is made with love.

A few favorites...

Sarah Seven
Holly Stalder
Liza Rietz
Emily Katz This will take you to a youtube video of a past collection that I love:)

And, the bloodbath at the Ace Hotel belonged to designer Adam Arnold Always memorable.

And, thank you to my friend Cristine for calling me with an extra ticket and motivating me to get out of the house:) I had a great time, and I hope you make your pie soon!!

Pictures of the rooms!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ethos Paris from Paris and Jonano from Pittsburg

The last night there were designers from Paris, Pittsburg, Chicago, and Oregon.

In this last photo the back of the hair was awesome!! there was a fishtail braid over the volume stopping just as it passed over the crown..If I find pictures of this online I will post one:) Some things can not be captured in a single photos.

some of my waves from sunday pfw

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Waves one more time:)

Twist Carolina Herrera Runway

Photos: Mark Leibowitz

Twisted updo
At Carolina Herrera, Orlando Pita stuck pins around models’ heads, then twisted hair up and inward over them. He secured it with more pins, rolled up the back, then blasted the hairspray.

Magazine hair I found today.

A few things I found today while shopping for my 5th year wedding anniversary present..I'm easily distracted:)

Last night of Portland Fashion Week Tonight

Vigor Industrial Shipyards, Swan Island
5555 N Channel Ave
Portland, OR 97217-7655

Friday, October 9, 2009

Braid...Ideas for Portland Runway Effortless Style

Easily turned into an updo. Gather the back and pin with a loose looking feel to it. Use big bobby pins and wrap softly and secure. Wrap the loose hair into a french twist or bun..effortless looking is the key. Or pin the braid shape onto the back or side of the head turning bobby pins under to hide.


Here are braids that work well on the runway. First choose a texture that you would like to work with..smooth, rough, wavy/soft..decide loose or polished...consider parting center, deep swept side work best for drama, in can look like not much was considered..but, sometimes that works best too.. all in the eye of the artist:) See if their clothes dictate the parting..this happened last night..a hat wasn't considered and we had to switch the part was easy, but it could have been taken care of before hand.

Choose a girl that has the appropriate length of hair texture for the style to make things easiest. Or blowdry/curl/flat iron texture in Sidlab Fabric constantly on your hands to get a polished braid...first work in in to the top of the hair gathering to tall then as you twist keep reapplying to smooth flyways. Sidlab Satin shine drops can be cocktailed in to all shine and smoothness as well. Finish with the Sidlab Satin mist. and Chic styling spray or Chichi harder hold hairspray to brush down flyaways with the back of your comb or a makeup brush.

for a rough texture i LOVE LOVE LOVE Sidlab Pacifica. spray it throughout the hair for beachy hair..this plumbs it up and gives it a dryer more matte texture. but, the hair can still be kept flyaway free by adding SidlabUltra or Fabric constantly on the hands.

Use a clear rubberband for blond hair, black for dark, or back comb the ends and hairspray to give a different look to the bottom.

Make sure fly aways are limited-they show in the glare of runway light and create a halo which competes with your style.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Portland Fashion Week Night 2

Portland Fashion Week is about soft, pretty, healthy, natural hair. This is something I have struggled with during my past two years doing PFW. And, I think it's something that other hairstylists and makeup artists struggle with. We want to make it wild, crazy, and do something that isn't seen in the salon.

But, I think we need to join together and see the vision of PORTLAND Fashion Week. Portland fashion is understated, casually beautiful, and natural. The styles need to look effortless. Volume for sexiness not too formal or high fashion. And, you know I LOVE high fashion. But, taking a step back and seeing the vision of Portland I'm understanding that less is more. I almost think the designers would be happy with all the hair just down with pretty textures set in...straight or wavy...maybe minimal pinning.

This is a phone photo of a model I worked on with Dayna Cakebread. These curls were even too much. We ended up brushing them out softer. I actually LOVED both looks on her. Hopefully I will get a picture with the brushed out side part.

An amazing designer tonight was Paloma Soledad She featured corsets, and I helped her put hat/creations on her models...think feathers/ give you an idea of her talent and style...she made a lot of the clothes for the movie Coraline. She said that her shirts were the size of her finger. check out her site!!