Friday, March 23, 2012

I'm in Danger of becoming a Red Head...

I think by mid summer I'm going to transform into a red head..Too many of my clients are asking for red...or Seriously Orange hair.. they aren't afraid of going more and more orange..And, I find myself wanting this for myself too..I love my brown hair, but I want a little adventure in my life for a while...Maybe I'll slowly begin it now, go full on for summer, and maintain it through the holidays and fading back to brown after Christmas.. Sound like a hair plan:) I know it's more high maintenance, but it's time for a little fun!!

Here are a few movies and music that inspire me for carrot red...

Florence and the Machine.. So powerful

In college Run Lola Run and Fifth Element had characters I loved. They were powerful yet vulnerable, almost unreal, feeling out of sorts with the world, yet very much present and alive in it. I love the German and alien which I can't understand..Sometimes I feel like this in life..too much verbal information to take in everyday..Yet, somehow we all manage to figure it out:)

During my junior year, I dyed my hair bright red to go rock climbing in the Red River Gorge...We had to bleach it out and dye it with manic panic...It came out hot pink..And, that was perfect for me!! I think it stayed like that with a few more dye jobs for a semester before my parents expressed how much they didn't like it...I'm 31 now..It's not going pink..But, I can amp up the color a little...On my 70th birthday..maybe 63 I'm definitely going pink again...When my hair is all white there will be no point in maintaining this natural illusion..

Lynn Yaeger fashion editor for Vogue

And, for my romantic heart:) Who doesn't love Nicole Kidman's red hair..

And, who did we all want to be as little girls..Ginger..The movie star... I liked Maryanne, but she wasn't even a millionaire's wife..What did she do before ending up on the island? Was she there with the professor?

this was just way too funny..I had to include it..And, what is going on with Mrs. Howell's hair?

The Stars...

Emma Stone

Blake Lively

Julia Roberts

Scarlett Johansson

I read this week in Glamour Magazine.. guy's take on.... Redheads..."They are like the unicorns of women-except they really exist." ....Anything to be more like a unicorn. magic. free. strong.

I might just ponder this over more tea for a while...

Kate Welsh...I've always loved her hair

Monday, March 19, 2012

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Song of the day:)

Hi blog world,

Realize it's been a while since I've posted.. So, here is a video I recently found that I love..I know it's 4 yrs. old, but I'm just discovering it now...There are a whole series of these surprise concerts in streets and cafe's.. The horns, strings,accordion, and a voice that is dreamy will hopefully be a taste of sunshine on another Portland rainy day..