Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Portland Center Stage Andrew Lloyd Weber Musical

Off to a musical about the movies...Alisia Ray and I dressed up and walked down to the Pearl for what felt like an evening in the big city, full of "lights, camera, action", and songs that felt like my life"...we should talk, gotta run, let's have lunch..."

Let's remember to slow it down and not get caught in the trap of the working world and our fast paced society:)

This musical was a great reminder to slow it down, be happy with yourself always, and enjoy the ride of life...

have fun...there is a discount code at the bottom of this Portland Center Stage promotion!!


The spectacular musical by Andrew Lloyd Weber with book and lyrics by Don Black and Christopher Hampton

Directed by Chris Coleman

Running now through October 17

She’s still big. It’s the pictures that got small. Norma Desmond gets the full star treatment in this blow out season opening musical (our first by Andrew Lloyd Webber) about the fading silent film star whose obsession with the revitalization of her career and a young man named Joe might just succeed… or it might end in the kind of tragedy only a legend can inspire.

“absolutely mesmerizing and amazing! Top notch performances all the way around, incredible lights and set design. I can’t wait to go again! Thanks for the perfect day of theatre” -audience member, on pcs.org

Get $5 off adult tickets when you enter the code SALOME


Natalie Gilmore
Promotions Manager
Portland Center Stage
128 NW 11th Ave
Portland, OR 97209


A noir musical about a Hollywood legend, the essential story from Oregon’s counterculture, a world premiere from our JAW festival, and a holiday tale of a boy and a BB gun (“you’ll put your eye out!”) are among the exciting productions featured in our 2010-2011 season; season tickets on sale now!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Kamela and Brian 2010....Love is in the air...

I love living vicariously through every beautiful wedding...For my wedding 6 years ago I wore a simple french twist...At 24 I would have been happy with a ponytail:) I didn't realize there were so many hair options...Kamela has piles of extensions to fill out and lengthen her hair...That we put in just for the day...This is a really popular option that I've been seeing more of this season...I didn't realize she was going to leave them in for the honeymoon as they loosened up in the jungles of Belize... hahaha...too cute!!

When Kamela came in for a cut a month or so after the wedding to chop off her hair into a super cute long bob...donating 10 inches from the back to Locks of Love...she told me the first night they arrived in Belize she cut Brian's hair, with scissors from the convenient store, in the bathroom..She studies Chinese medicine...She is not a hairdresser friend of mine:)...These two are crazy and laid back...and, I love Kamela's attention to detail while being grounded and flexible...

For more images I love their photographers blog from husband and wife team (Heather and Grayson) Jagger Photography

I love her blue nails and pretty lace on her sleeves..

love you guys.
Jagger Photography

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What do 2 friends do on their Tuesday night?

Well if it's Alyson Clair and I there is always going to be a little silliness....

Here is our mascot of the night...I love Alyson's studio...It's filled with creative little creatures like snow leopards, pink unicorns, monster women, Zoolander and who knows what else...

Tonight I hung out at Nashionland (Nasty Fashion) making sure Alyson didn't cut her fingers off while we rolled out what will become 28 dresses made of Model. There will be 90 of these little black dresses this season...Sold at

Adorn NE Portland
Moxie NE Portland
Union Rose SE Portland
Velouria Seattle

Modal is made with cellulose from beech trees and is essentially a variety of rayon. It is about 50% more water-absorbent than cotton. Modal fabric has softness, good drape and is said to breath even better than cotton. Garments made in modal have anti-crease properties and are relatively easy care making it great for travel...

I love Clair Vintage Inspired Clothing You have to feel her fabrics and see her craftsmanship...

While Alyson cut...I pulled images from magazines to get ready for looks for this years Portland Fashion Week...This year I'm leading the team of Pureology Stylists in hopes of having finished, cohesive hair for this years event. These images give an idea of different parting options, hair textures, and styles... PFW is Oct. 6-10 Purchase tickets now using code Pureology05 to receive a discount:)

I tried on some scrap fabric and came up with this dressish design...I think I'll stick to hair... But, I do like it as an apron...And, you can't really see my scrap black headband... good times...

Alyson made these sweet curtains...I love love love this studio...It's full of magic...

Monday, September 13, 2010

Curl Power

Photog: Carl Evans
Hair: Kira Pinski
Makeup: Kira and Julene
Model: Julene Beeson

These are images of my lovely client Julene. She is an awesome Esthetician, and I've heard she dances a badass Tango...

Thanks Carl Evans for the sultry images..I can't wait to see a few more:) I know saw the roll, and I know my favorite hasn't been released...I guess you blogger friends will just have to wait and see...

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Making of a Gaga inspired Hair Piece

Okay...Here's the process..

Phase 1 following Paloma Soledad's drawing to create the shape for her hair... I used what might be electrical wire..It was left over from another shoot..It was flexible, and I thought it would be softer and more comfortable to wear..But, it turns out nothing with tons of pins and fake hair... and a headdress... is comfortable for 11 hrs...Thanks Myken for being a trooper!!

So, to create the holes I measured wrapping paper tubes..And, the card board on top was to keep the shape flat..Later we changed it to be more bendable..

Here you can see the beginnings of the wire mesh on the head piece and my work space...I couldn't figure out how to get the caribou antlers on the wall so they lived on the table for about a week.
Here I am sewing the mesh section by section with metal thread..

up close....

What it's like on before hair was added..

Spray painted brown so that wire wouldn't show...

Hair was then glued to the form, sewed on to secure it and create movement, and the models hair and extensions were pinned up over it the day of to create a natural flow...

this was the first trial with Miken and Paloma...I had tried adding blue wool around the holes..But, adding the color really didn't work and made it more like a Brillo pad..So, hair was later glued over it...
Here you can really see because of the lighting that we pinned extensions in over the covered hair piece to blend her short bob...

Pinning in extensions to disguise her hairline..You can also see Paloma's inspirational drawing on the mirror..

Taking a break to get her makeup done...all of the long hair is the added extensions which will be pinned up over the form...

Back stage of the fashion show for the pre lady Gaga Show in the Rose room...Do you like my white afro..I wanted it to be easy for the models to spot who they needed to go to for hairspray and pinning:)The finished product!!! I think it was perfect...The only thing I would change was how to attach it more comfortably..I used bobby pins and metal clips...

What a fun...project...I hope I have the energy again to create something like this when Gaga rolls into town again!!