Thursday, September 22, 2016

one special day

Jamie and Josh traveled from Oklahoma to get married at the romantic La Valencia Hotel in sunny La Jolla, CA. With its view of palm trees and the Pacific ocean, La Valencia Hotel sets the mood with elegance and 1920's fun! Let the celebration begin as seagulls peek in the window and mimosas are shared with loved ones. 

Sister Love

Gail and her daughters share the same radiant smile and bright eyes.

His queen approaches.



Josh and Jaimie I loved being part of your special day! Thank you!

Wedding Coordinator : Thomas Bui Lifestyle
Photographer: Michael Svoboda
Makeup: Ann Denicolo
Hair: Kira Pinski

Friday, September 9, 2016

How to shampoo your hair.

Does your hair sometimes feel dirty even after you wash it?
Do you have to wash your hair often to keep if feeling clean?

A few things could be happening...

1. You might be using way TOO MUCH SHAMPOO. For example <a href="">Pureology</a> has no added water in their concentrated formulas, so to get a good lather you need your hair to be completely wet. I find the best way to use <a href="">Pureology</a> is to add a little shampoo, slightly bigger than dime size to the front and sided, then add water on your head and add a little more shampoo to the scalp. Or, wash twice. On the second wash you will notice a rich lather.

2. NOT RINSING WELL...  The best way to rinse is to start with warm water... rinse...Then turn it a little cooler...rinse until you can feel it on your scalp....Then turn it a little cooler and repeat. And finally cold until you can feel it on the scalp. Not only does it help ensure your rinsing your hair of shampoo residue, the cold water shuts the hair cuticle leaving your hair shinier.

3. WRONG SHAMPOO... Some shampoos have too much protein that can build up in the hair. The first few times your hair will look and feel great, but after a while your hair won't feel clean. Sometimes it can even feel brittle. A clarifying shampoo is recommended once a week to exfoliate the hair and remove build up from shampoo, product, and the environment. This can be done 2 weeks after color treatment.  After you clarify use the shampoo of your choice to restore moisture.

Clarifying shampoo are generally clear. Hydrating shapes are typically not see through.

Pureology and other high end shampoos can actually improve the texture and appearance of your hair by reducing flyaway/frizz, volumizing, taming curls, improving dry scalp, brightening highlights, and softening texture.

4. WASHING TOO OFTEN... Every hair type is different. Some people with very fine hair need to wash daily to give volume to the hair and prevent it from being greasy and flat. People who work out need to wash their hair due to sweat making the hair look and feel dirty. In the ideal situation you would wash your hair every 2-4 days. Washing too often can cause your scalp to over produce oil. When  you remove the oil your scalp wants to create that barrier again protecting your scalp, so it can begin to over produce oil.


If you are getting your hair done for a special occasion it is best to come with clean, completely dry hair. Dry shampoo can be used to absorb oil, but for your hair to look it's best it should be clean.. The biggest reason stylists tell you to come with day old hair is because too often clients show up for special occasion hair with damp or wet hair. Your hair MUST BE COMPLETELY DRY for curls to hold. Flat ironing is also a bad idea before you are getting your hair professionally curled. If you think of it like clothing, after a crease is ironed into pants it is hard to completely iron it out or change the pleat. It is best to rewet clothes or hair to change the texture. A simple blowout is like the clothes dryer it will leave your texture nice but not as polished or lasting as an iron.

Hope these tips help!!!!!

Enjoy this funny shampoo video by HoomanTV