Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Going Away Party

Hi friends, clients, fashion peeps, rock stars, you know my people... I'd love to see you all before I move to San Diego..There isn't time to do one on one's which I love..But, remember I'm only a phone call/text/email/visit away...Please stop by Acapulco Gold and give me a hug because I'll miss you!!!

Acapolco's Gold

2608 NW Vaughn St,  
Portland, Oregon 97210
right by Salon Capelli



Monday, March 18, 2013

Moving To San Diego

Hi Friends,

So, it's happening. You've heard me talking over the last few months about my boyfriend Chris in San Diego. And, you've heard me talking about how I miss the sunshine for the last few years.  I've decided to take the leap. Last Monday I passed my California State Boards in LA after weeks of intense studying. I have been out of school for 7 years and had to refresh on perms, relaxers, acrylic nails, facials, waxing, beauty school techniques, chemistry, safety/sanitation...  I am now a certified Cosmetologist in California one of the hardest certifications in the country; with this certification I can move anywhere in the US by just transferring my license. With my Oregon license I can only work in 4 states. If I didn't pass the test this time it was a 4-6 month waiting period to retest, and that means I couldn't work. That's why I hadn't given any dates about moving before now. I didn't know it was possible. Chris and I agree that California will be best for our long term goals. We seriously considered the option of moving him to Portland. I will miss all of you so, so much. You've all really become a great community, support system, and friends. We've seen each other through a lot. And, I am so thankful for the time we spent together. I hope we can continue to keep in contact through Fb, blogging, visits, and any emergency hair texts/email/calls anytime:)

I've been on the hunt for some excellent stylists to look after your hair. I have a network of stylists I've created over the years on a Fb group NW Stylists with 145+ members. What was consider?  personality, continuing education, aesthetic, availability, location, pricing..ect.. My top 3  recommendations are Lorraine Altomari, Lindsay Garcia, and Sarah Prentice.  Also, if Salon Capelli is your home Stan, Bett, or Terese would love to work with you. I love them, and they have years of talent and experience. You can always send me a personal email/text to ask who would be best for you. But, I would trust any of these stylists with my hair or your hair.  Please let me know how your experience was.

Lorraine Altomari
A-List Salon
13th & Hoyt 

I first met Lorraine for lunch at Escape From NY Pizza on 23rd a year and 1/2 ago. She had just moved to Portland after spending time in Hawaii. She has a large friend base here, and one of those friends who is a long term client of mine connected us so I could fill Lorraine in on what I knew of the industry in Portland. We've kept in touch, and I've referred her my curly haired neighbor who always has trouble with her hair. They loved each other, and those curls are looking gorgeous. Lorraine has been doing hair for 16 years. She has worked at high end Intercoiffure Salons  in Connecticut, has been certified with Toni and Guy in San Francisco, and was trained in severe blowouts on curly,fine, and unruly hair to last in Miami. She loves color! Bring her a picture and she can match the style to your facial features and skin tone! This girl has skillz in all hair types!!

Lindsay Garcia
Oranj Studio
726 SW Gaines St.
Portland, OR 97239

Lindsay and I began at Ziva Salon together on NW 23rd. She finished her Bumble and Bumble apprenticeship right as I began mine. On my first day, Lindsay curled my hair so tightly it felt like I had naturally curly hair. I loved it. She has cut my hair off and on and styled it over the years. We've worked on 3 fashion shows together, weddings, and photo shoots. Lindsay has also gone to NYC to train at the Bumble and Bumble University where she brings her knowledge back as a network educator teaching classes to stylists on cutting, styling, and curls. I attended her curl class as a model and student after I had a tight 80's perm 4 years ago. She is fabulous at cutting, coloring, and styling. I've seen her dye asian hair to keep nice cool caramel tones. Not brassy orange. She does amazing blondes. You might remember Lindsay from when she spent a few months at Salon Capelli while they were rebuilding Oranj Studio after it was struck by fire on the 4th of July. We loved having her there.

Sarah Prentice
Nurture Salon
7311 SE Milwaukie Ave.
Portland, OR 97202

I met Sarah when she found me through an online search to cut her hair long hair into a square bob.  We got along instantly. Her final cut with our visions combined was light and free with great style. We had over 10 inches...enough to donate to Locks of Love..We had such a good time. I loved her aesthetic and her easy going personality. Sarah has been a stylist for 12 years in Portland. She has trained in NYC in the Deva Curl cutting methods for curly hair. Sarah loves working with natural textures. She is willing to listen, and can perform under pressure. She came out this year to help Salon Capelli on this years Fade to Light Fashion show, and I saw her create some amazing waves and volume in a matter of minutes. Hope you love her as much as I do.