Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Engaged in Central Park NYC

This is one of my very best friends Christine who recently got engaged during a trip to NYC and will be getting married this Spring/Summer! These 2 weeks of wedding blogging are dedicated to her:)

Advice to girls who that might be getting engaged...Wear your hair down. Christine told me the cutest story. Before going on their walk in the park her boyfriend Micah asked her to wear her hair down. She didn't want it down because she was overdue for a cut and the wind would blow it into her eyes. Christine thought, "oh my...I can't believe I'm getting involved with a guy who is so critical of how I look..." But, he insisted that she looked so pretty that way,and alas she wore it down:) Later he revealed that he wanted her to look and feel pretty in the photos he would be taking after the proposal...How sweet and thoughtful is that...

I also thought it was cool to wear it down because looking back at that special day you will see a change in style, hair length, color, shape. But, if it was in a ponytail all of the hair is lost.

Christine loves her hair shorter..In college she had one of my best short cuts and almost recruited me her coworker into our tiny apartment because of compliments she received. I would cut her hair with kitchen scissors, a pillow case around the neck, fastened with a clothes pin. Those were some good times.

Tomorrow I will be posting shorter haired wedding styles:)

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