Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Save The Date

For any brides looking for a special dress,Elizabeth Dye is holding a bridal show Jan. 31st.

This photo is the first from a series of Elizabeth's dresses taken by Lisa Warninger. We had a great day shooting trying to get all the looks in before we lost the light. I was chasing our model into the bathroom taking bobby pins out to rearrange her hair as she changed dresses. I kept doing the hair as Elizabeth and Rebecca Westby pinned/fitted/steamed her dresses. It was so fun to work under the pressure of the sunlight, and I really appreciated that Elizabeth let me do at least 6 hair changes.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Help Portrait

PDX Help Portrait from Heather Knight on Vimeo.

On Saturday Dec. 12th I joined the team of volunteers at
Help Portrait It was Portland's first time participating in this nationwide event.

We were able to take portraits for 46 families in need, a total of 115 people. There were 38 volunteers, including photographers, assistants, admin, and hair/makeup. It was a pretty impressive turnout of families and volunteers.

This was a fun change of pace from the salon. I felt like I could make a difference curling, straightening, styling someone's hair to look their best in these professional portraits. I will definitely try to spread the word and help out again next year.

Help Portrait

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Who Wants a Band Haircut?

On Dec. 6th and 7th I had the honor of attending Ruth Roche's first event as an educator with Pureology. Her eye for style, her down to earth appeal, and the fact that she offers education at her RARE SALON & ACADEMY in NYC provide inspiration to hairstylist everywhere. At the hands on class we learned techniques and 2 cuts The Bardot and Blondie.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Thursday Night

Amai Unmei 1-Year Anniversary Party

Thursday, December 10, 2009
5:00pm - 9:00pm
Amai Unmei Boutique
2275 NW Johnson Street

If you come I will tell you what Amai Unmei means:)

The photo I have up is from a shoot a wedding shoot I worked on in preparation for The Portland Art of Weddings.
Amai Unmei is a full boutique with clothes for all occasions....and, amazing jackets!!


Dress up in your party wear and come shop amazing discounts while enjoying delicious food, yummy holiday treats, sparkling drinks, and local wine on us.

Merchandise will be 10%-50% OFF
One Night Only!

Fabulous Accessory Collections only available in the Northwest at
Amai Unmei will also be discounted!

Bring friends to the party and receive additional discounts!

Amai Unmei is teaming up with the Oregon Food Bank to help those most in need this Holiday Season. Every customer who brings in any non-perishable food will receive entry to a gift giveaway drawing!

See you there early!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Last night Victoria Secret Runway Show

Liu Wen was the first Asian model to walk to VS runway:) I was actually surprised to hear this was a first. I would have thought this would have happened a while ago. They had some diversity with Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell years ago. This years show had a variety of nationalities and skin tones in the show.

Heidi Klum walked the runway in a corset type outfit, and hosted the event on Nov. 19th after having a baby only 5 1/2 weeks before. She said she gained 50 lbs. of baby weight and still had 20 to shed to be back to her ideal weight of 120 lbs. I think it's great they are showing other body types and women who have recently been pregnant even if they are still more glamorous than any mother could look without having trainers during and after the pregnancy, child care, hair/makeup, and flattering clothes. But, that is what a supermodel is supposed to be:) And, Heidi looked radiant as always.

Watching this big runway show on TV last night was so fun!! The new style of how we interact and view TV has changed from strictly runway show to getting what feels like up to the minute behind the scenes(still prerecorded), backstage, photo shoots, hair/makeup styling, getting to see how they train on the runway and in the gym with a personal trainer, and having a chance to vote for a new model to win a chance to walk the VS runway. What an adventure TV has become:)

3 SIMILARITIES/DIFFERENCES from Portland Fashion Week
I've done hair on the Sidlab team for 3 consecutive years.

1.the energy-backstage girls are frantically dressing sometimes with dressers and hair chasing the girls securing a hat/flower, buckling shoes as they are running to get back on the runway to casually glide in their gorgeous clothes for the crowd.

2. the scene- photographers want to talk to the models. they kind of ignore the hairstylists unless they think you are important. it's fun. the scene is young and flirty.

3.team work- it takes a lot of people to make this happen: clothing designers, promoters,organizers, photographers, models,agencies, hair, makeup, dressers, lighting, sound,musicians, venue rental, the people who set up and take down the event, gift bag stuffers, greeters, ticket takers,the press, catering,the guests that attend.. each of these groups has a team of people that work for them to make it all happen...and, let me mention hair again:)

1. the look-VS has a set/ planned style for hair. loose, bedroom waves

2. extensions-almost all the girls if not all have some sort of extensions added for length/fullness that perfectly match their hair.

3. nails-they have nail technicians doing manis/pedis

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ouch!! Split Ends

Image found on flickr

One of my clients told me they like to pull their split ends apart up the hair strand. This felt like finger nails on a chalk board to me!! Please don't do that!!! You can think of your hair like a rope. It is a strong group of fibers wound together. When it gets older and weak the ends fray. Just like a rope if you cut them off you are left with a strong fused strand. If you let it stay frayed it will continue to slowly split up. This is why many people say, "my hair stops growing after a certain point". Probably because they go through a cycle of getting a bob, not cutting it for months, and that's where it usually stops for them around the shoulders.

Here are 2 sites that talk about split ends

little trims

why it splits

In these winter months with artificial heat and dry air, hair becomes more dull and brittle. Use conditioner whenever you wash. Try not to wash your hair everyday. And, a hydrating mask once a week would be ideal. I love Pureology NanoWorks Luxury Mask and ColourMax leave in daily.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Pin Me Apparel Sale

Alyson Clair,Clair Vintage Inspired. is having a trunk show tonight!! And, there is a sale all weekend at Pin Me Apparel

Find the details on the NEAT SHEET

Holiday Gift Idea Yed Omi Jewelery

These pictures are from a photo shoot I worked on for the husband and wife team YedOmi. They make beautiful, handmade jewelery here is Portland. hint hint...anyone looking for gift ideas:)

Right now my sister is borrowing a gorgeous green and blue necklace by YedOmi(one of the benefits of having sisters)..She looked so lovely in it during our Thanksgiving dinner. She made her first turkey and a ham..They were amazing!! love you sister:) congratulations on your new house...

The team...
Jewelery Yed Omi Jewelery
Photography Photos by Kim
Hair Kira Pinski
Makeup Claudine Ebel
Wardrobe Pin Me Apparel and Naomi's personal collection.
Model Dara

Friday, November 27, 2009

Vacation Notice: Home for the Holidays

Note to clients:

I will be out of the salon Dec. 20th-Jan. 5th visiting family for Christmas/New Years. Schedule early :)

Happy Holidays,


Carl Evan's shoot

model: Kacy Rogers Option Model Managment

Sunday, November 22, 2009

First Image from Wednesday's Shoot with Carl Evans

This is the first image from a shoot with Carl Evans. Erin's hair was waves with the GHD 1 inch flat iron and Pureology In Charge styling spray for heat protection, hold/memory, and soft/touchable texture.. The waves lasted through 2 previous looks with a wig cap and wig. That pretty impressive since that is as crushing as any hat. We did the waves around 11 that morning, and they lasted through the day into her second shoot with Makool that I accompanied her to finishing up around 9:30 that night where the waves were tousled with a fan. So, for you brides worried about styles that last check out this Ghd/Pureology combo, and stay tuned for what the waves looked like in the Makool studio shoot after wig caps, 2 wigs, plenty of touching, and a fan. They were never reset with the iron. I'm excited to share the wigs from the Carl Evan's shoot and holiday bow from the Makool shoot....i guess you will all just have to wait with me:)

Photographer: Carl Evans
Hair: Kira Pinski
Makeup: Terri Lodge
Model: Erin Dierking Option Model Management
Wardrobe: Rebecca Westby

Monday, November 16, 2009

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I need some help!!! VOTE

if you get a chance before nov. 15th can you vote for my photos..it's a chance to win a trip to style at NYC fashion week!! right now i'm in the negative:( I really need your help!!

i have 5 photos up..if you scroll over the images it will say Portland..then there is a little pic of me and my name...

if you click on one of my images you can then vote on all of my images through my profile.
thanks so much,


Monday, November 9, 2009

Long Loose Waves....

So, pretty and so natural looking. The key to waves that stay is having completely dry hair, plenty of light styling spray before and after setting the waves, and different size waves for a long lasting effect. Finish with shine spray:))

Twist it Up....

I like the definition the twists create in the sides, and I love the pile of beautiful curls. This can be done on most lengths of hair.

This is also one of my favorite veil placements. This way you really see your hair throughout the ceremony.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Veil Alternative Feathers

Shelby is a great hairstylist that just moved here from Orlando FL I hope to work with her this summer as part of my wedding team:)

photography Foster Addington
hair Shelby Smith

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A new way to wear a veil...

Photography for Book de Maquillaje(book of makeup)


Photography: Domingo Gómez Algaba Fotografía
Hair & Makeup: Scherezade Garrido
Model: Judit Barceló

Check out Gómez Algaba's site for gorgeous wedding photos in Barcelona Spain (look under "bodas").

He also shoots:


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Michelle Williams...I'm in love with her hair

In last months Vogue you can see a full spread of Michelle's new short hair and different ways it can be worn. Come in to the salon and check it out. I will be taking it home for my library in a few weeks. Her hair is great super short or in a soft bob.

Short Wedding Hair Styles

When thinking about hair for your wedding day consider...

How formal does it need to be?

Do you want smooth/wavy?

How much volume?

Would you like a part, how far to the side,center, part depth?

Pieces falling for softness in the front?

So much to consider:) I also have some gorgeous photos of my brides at www.kirapinski.com

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Engaged in Central Park NYC

This is one of my very best friends Christine who recently got engaged during a trip to NYC and will be getting married this Spring/Summer! These 2 weeks of wedding blogging are dedicated to her:)

Advice to girls who that might be getting engaged...Wear your hair down. Christine told me the cutest story. Before going on their walk in the park her boyfriend Micah asked her to wear her hair down. She didn't want it down because she was overdue for a cut and the wind would blow it into her eyes. Christine thought, "oh my...I can't believe I'm getting involved with a guy who is so critical of how I look..." But, he insisted that she looked so pretty that way,and alas she wore it down:) Later he revealed that he wanted her to look and feel pretty in the photos he would be taking after the proposal...How sweet and thoughtful is that...

I also thought it was cool to wear it down because looking back at that special day you will see a change in style, hair length, color, shape. But, if it was in a ponytail all of the hair is lost.

Christine loves her hair shorter..In college she had one of my best short cuts and almost recruited me her coworker into our tiny apartment because of compliments she received. I would cut her hair with kitchen scissors, a pillow case around the neck, fastened with a clothes pin. Those were some good times.

Tomorrow I will be posting shorter haired wedding styles:)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Wedding Officiants

The person who performs your wedding ceremony will be dear to you throughout your marriage. I always want to thank our Italian professor at USC, Fausto Pauluzzi, every year on our anniversary for marrying my husband and I. " 5 years October 16th" He created a ceremony that fit us at the time, and watching it in video years later we are amazed at how profound his content and word choices really were. He gave our marriage a beautiful place to begin.

Gale Johnston, a very special client of mine, provides custom wedding ceremonies here in Portland. She has a very nurturing soul that will touch you and your guests. She meets with the couple individually hearing stories of how they met, fell in love, proposals, future dreams, ect. And, the stories can be crafted into the day of events. She can even read over vows and offer suggestions. She listens and guides with care.

In these photos, I had the honor of doing Gale's hair before the ceremony. I loved hearing the side of the officiant...usually I'm working with brides and their parties..She shared the process of crafting their ceremony, moments of nervousness, excitement, and the calm that love brings. The couple was lucky to have someone who cared so much for them.

Gale provides other services as well through Canto de Paloma (dove song)

Energy Work/Reiki
Baby Welcoming
Elder Honoring
House Blessings
Custom Ceremonies

Also...again a special thank to Fausto Pauluzzi. Matt and I will always be grateful.

Martha Stewarts "Perfect Palette"

I'm so excited!! I just found out one of my very best friends from college is getting married in California this Spring/Summer. This week maybe 2 I will be blogging about everything wedding...More focused on brides across the US, planning online, maybe California/Portland related a little...But, more specifically local to Portland another time:)

Here is a "Perfect Palette" featured by Martha Stewart:)

I remember on my wedding day I wanted a cream/champagne dress so bad, but no matter how many I tried on I had to go with white for my skintone...I would love to hear any dress shopping horror stories or happy ones too:)

Dress shopping was so hard for me..I'm a very tiny person pretty much a size 0. So no dresses fit me at the traditional places I had available in Asheville, NC. I ended up finding a boutique in Charlotte, NC. They helped me by clipping the dress down with huge clamps to get an idea of my size. I ended up choosing a dress I originally saw in a size 14.

Here is a list of designers featured in the "Perfect Palette" and, one is a lovely girl I've met from Portland!!

Halter-neck gown (No. 2748) in Venetian gold Vivian Diamond for Dessy Collection
Dress (No. 373) in copper/creme Bari Jay
"Top and Skirt"By PORTLAND'S OWN!! SARAH SEVEN "Diane" wedding gown and necklace The wedding dress Queen Vera Wang
"Harper" heels j.crew
Dress Vincente Villarin, info@gregmillsltd.com to order

Enjoy!! it's so important to LOVE your dress:)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Clown Makeup

I'm still being inspired by clowns:)

I like this makeup done by Courtney Zepeda-Hawkes of Glamourpuss. She does makeup/hair/photography in the Charlotte, NC area.

This simple neck ruffle she made creates the illusion of a costume, and I like how the makeup is soft not overdone. The only thing that makes it clownish is the bright, glittery blue and the small heart..What a sweet, pretty clown. I also like the pink lip gloss instead of creating a huge false mouth. This would be perfect for dressing up during the day at work for places that take Halloween to that level.

Thank you Courtney Zepeda-Hawkes
beautiful makeup/photography/costume design

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Clown Wigs

Pink was the perfect clown at Heidi Klum's Halloween Party. I liked that it wasn't too slutty, the makeup was soft for a clown. I liked the pale face and the dusting of pink across the cheeks and nose instead of the foam nose.

I think it would be a cool idea to sew and pin 3 red clown wigs together into some kind of more interesting shape. I also love a bow of some sort.

Witchy Hair Idea

A rough dry texture, a little frizz, some definition, and wire...anyone feeling witchy this Halloween...

Photography: Michael Donovan
Hair: Alexander Tome

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Jason Canfield in Memory of...

Jason was a client of mine for the past 3 years. He passed away this August, and today would have been his 21st birthday. I loved spending time with Jason and creating highly textured cuts accentuate his Asian hair. He had great style, and I am so sad I will never get to see what he could have become and what we could achieve with his hair over a lifetime. I am so thankful for the time we spent together.

To all my clients... Know that I am here for you.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

More Halloween Hair Ideas

Halloween Hair Ideas

I still have appointments for Friday the 30th before 2:00 and saturday the 31st before 4...

$45 for halloween styles..normally $60

if you want extensions added in I will pin them in with bobby pins. I suggest getting them at Wigland on NE Broadway..keep in mind human hair can curl with an iron or water.. synthetic melts(so get it straight or curly depending on your style)

i did the hair for all of these photos..some extensions enhanced some of these styles.



Halloween Hair Ideas

I still have appointments for Friday the 30th before 2:00 and saturday the 31st before 4...

$45 for halloween styles..normally $60

if you want extensions added in I will pin them in with bobby pins. I suggest getting them at Wigland on NE Broadway..keep in mind human hair can curl with an iron or water.. synthetic melts(so get it straight or curly depending on your style)

all hair in these photos was done by me except the obvious Mae Murray:)