Saturday, December 17, 2016

Ueli Steck Hair

This has been an interesting year for me. Shifting my focus from hair and climbing to being the best mom I can be has been a new challenge, and finding the balance has not been easy. In my life before my son I spent all of my time at the salon, climbing, or at fashion shows/photo shoots/ hair classes. That was it. If you had scales for my life it was climbing on one scale hair on the other. I had my balance. Now I've given up climbing. I've only been on the wall in the gym 4 times since Daniel has been born, and on the wall once outside this first year. And, I've cut back on hair this year too not taking new clients, weddings, or fashion shows. 2017 is going to be different as I bring the balance back with more time at the salon and the gym. 

I'm happy with my choice to spend the first year with my son, giving as much of my time as possible to him. I'm thankful for Josh for all of his hard work making my choice possible..... But, this was a special day!! I got to cut Ueli Steck's hair at the climbing gym between his climbing and before his climbing presentation with the American Alpine Club. This 30 minutes gave me time to bring my love of climbing and hair together and feel my heart sing. 

Ueli told me stories about when he got his haircut on his expeditions (I'm writing this over a month later so the country escapes me) But, the story made me smile. I noticed he had color in his hair. This is odd for a professional male athlete who typically gives very little thought or time to their hair. He said he went to the salon and didn't understand the menu. So he chose the most expensive service, which was still very inexpensive compared to European and American standards. He thought it would include a hair washing , maybe a massage, and a cut. But, oh no... Out came the pictures of David Beckham.. (He wears so many hairstyles well) Ueli pointed to one short cut. They agreed and out came the color bowls. Before Ueli could say anything the stylist was painting away. And, that's where the blond streaks came from. I was glad to know this was an accident. Because when I first saw him I thought, "Oh boy this guy is probably way more high maintenance than I expected." 

I thought I'd give him just a little trim to keep his hair in more of a style before his presentation since it was such a styled/colored cut, but like any male athlete he kept asking for shorter. Then he told me this was going to be his haircut before his next expedition. So, it had to be short.. I love how guys think of their hair as functional and practical. It really does just grow out so fast.. Some women can go 1/2 a year and still have their hair looking about the same just longer. But, men look homeless after about 2 months. It's really too bad. I was happy with Ueli's cut. His friend gave him a little grief that he now had his military cut, but we all knew it was the cut of someone going on another epic adventure that 99% of us would never have the skill, bravery, or endurance to attempt. I love being around someone whose life is so different from mine yet being able to connect with such simple things: hair, travel, climbing, community, and family. 

thanks to my friend Heidi Medema for making life more fun!

How cool is this.. Someone is climbing in the background while our cut happens.. My dream salon:) Actually, I want 2 salons. One in the gym, and one in La Jolla where I can feel fancy and girly.

the little guy is getting inspired

my family with Ueli

Josh, me, Daniel, Ueli, and Heidi (American Alpine Club tour leader)

life is good:)

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Cutest Baby Winning Smile

Daniel needs your votes for the cutest baby! I'm so proud and completely in love with him!! I'd love it if he could win for cutest baby... We've thought he was just absolutely so stinking cute since we met him in the hospital the day after Christmas!

Gerber Baby Photo Contest copy and past the entry id 243374

You can vote once a day until 11/25/16...Even if you can only vote once during that time We appreciate any help!!  


Thursday, September 22, 2016

one special day

Jamie and Josh traveled from Oklahoma to get married at the romantic La Valencia Hotel in sunny La Jolla, CA. With its view of palm trees and the Pacific ocean, La Valencia Hotel sets the mood with elegance and 1920's fun! Let the celebration begin as seagulls peek in the window and mimosas are shared with loved ones. 

Sister Love

Gail and her daughters share the same radiant smile and bright eyes.

His queen approaches.



Josh and Jaimie I loved being part of your special day! Thank you!

Wedding Coordinator : Thomas Bui Lifestyle
Photographer: Michael Svoboda
Makeup: Ann Denicolo
Hair: Kira Pinski

Friday, September 9, 2016

How to shampoo your hair.

Does your hair sometimes feel dirty even after you wash it?
Do you have to wash your hair often to keep if feeling clean?

A few things could be happening...

1. You might be using way TOO MUCH SHAMPOO. For example <a href="">Pureology</a> has no added water in their concentrated formulas, so to get a good lather you need your hair to be completely wet. I find the best way to use <a href="">Pureology</a> is to add a little shampoo, slightly bigger than dime size to the front and sided, then add water on your head and add a little more shampoo to the scalp. Or, wash twice. On the second wash you will notice a rich lather.

2. NOT RINSING WELL...  The best way to rinse is to start with warm water... rinse...Then turn it a little cooler...rinse until you can feel it on your scalp....Then turn it a little cooler and repeat. And finally cold until you can feel it on the scalp. Not only does it help ensure your rinsing your hair of shampoo residue, the cold water shuts the hair cuticle leaving your hair shinier.

3. WRONG SHAMPOO... Some shampoos have too much protein that can build up in the hair. The first few times your hair will look and feel great, but after a while your hair won't feel clean. Sometimes it can even feel brittle. A clarifying shampoo is recommended once a week to exfoliate the hair and remove build up from shampoo, product, and the environment. This can be done 2 weeks after color treatment.  After you clarify use the shampoo of your choice to restore moisture.

Clarifying shampoo are generally clear. Hydrating shapes are typically not see through.

Pureology and other high end shampoos can actually improve the texture and appearance of your hair by reducing flyaway/frizz, volumizing, taming curls, improving dry scalp, brightening highlights, and softening texture.

4. WASHING TOO OFTEN... Every hair type is different. Some people with very fine hair need to wash daily to give volume to the hair and prevent it from being greasy and flat. People who work out need to wash their hair due to sweat making the hair look and feel dirty. In the ideal situation you would wash your hair every 2-4 days. Washing too often can cause your scalp to over produce oil. When  you remove the oil your scalp wants to create that barrier again protecting your scalp, so it can begin to over produce oil.


If you are getting your hair done for a special occasion it is best to come with clean, completely dry hair. Dry shampoo can be used to absorb oil, but for your hair to look it's best it should be clean.. The biggest reason stylists tell you to come with day old hair is because too often clients show up for special occasion hair with damp or wet hair. Your hair MUST BE COMPLETELY DRY for curls to hold. Flat ironing is also a bad idea before you are getting your hair professionally curled. If you think of it like clothing, after a crease is ironed into pants it is hard to completely iron it out or change the pleat. It is best to rewet clothes or hair to change the texture. A simple blowout is like the clothes dryer it will leave your texture nice but not as polished or lasting as an iron.

Hope these tips help!!!!!

Enjoy this funny shampoo video by HoomanTV

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Fast Hot Mom Hair

I've found it's hard to feel like you look put together as a mom and HOT! This is what I find when I google "mom hair" ... Aside from Eva Longoria and Emma Stone I don't find these hairstyles to be...HOT.

We are looking for ways to SAVE TIME, be STRONG, be FEMININE.

These 3 styles are for hot mammas. 

SHORT HAIR saves time day to day, but does require more frequent visits to the salon to maintain the shape of the cut and prevent a mullet. 

PONYTAIL is strong, no fuss, and with a little effort can be a great go to style. If you're battling tiny hairs sticking out I suggest either spraying a light hold hairspray on the sides only (not the top to prevent 90's ponytail). Or, use a light wax in the roots before creating ponytail.

LOOSE WAVES and BANGS is feminine. With dry shampoo added on day 2,3 possibly 4 this style can last days without rewashing/styling. First you must wash your hair with clarifying shampoo then your regular shampoo (hydrate or volume) 2 shampoos make the style last longer by removing all the build up. Then blow-dry your hair for a more finished texture and to prevent oil from building at the roots. Then iron curl your hair. This style takes more time 2-3 times a week, but you can go longer between salon visits when it's hard to get away from the house.

3 Women : 3 Looks

Save Time




tease and add product to give a new look to your pixie cut

I love this straight end/blunt bob. Flat iron the top front, tease the back for lift and slight messy texture and flat iron the ends.

The Mother of Dragons/ Game of Thrones Star

Save Time



Awesome Hollywood Mom

Jessica Alba
creator of The Honest Company , providing natural diapers, body care, and non-toxic cleaning products. Founding member of the Charity Baby2Baby

Save Time

natural texture and a half up knot



Most important...

Have FUN trying some new looks!!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Thinning Hair / Postpartum Alopecia

I am now experiencing first hand how it feels to have thinning hair. When I was 30 I got a  tight perm so I could become experienced with curly hair, now at 35 I am learning what it's like to work with my own thinning hair. I've seen hair fall out for many clients over my 10 years as a hairdresser.and I've seen hair grow back too.

I've seen thinning due to
">post pregnancy like mine now, chemo therapy, age, medication, surgery, lupus (autoimmune disorders), diet, hair twirling, and most commonly STRESS. In all of these cases I've seen hair bounce back, even with my client in her late 70's. So, I know this is temporary for me...I hope...
Even though I know my hair should eventually stop falling out by the handful, I am still afraid. When I run my hands through my wet hair clumps wrap around my fingers and cover my body. It's horrible. My hair loss makes me feel unattractive, helpless, insecure, and sad.

A beautiful client of mine said "It's okay for a man to be Q-ball bald, but it's never okay for a woman". She has lupus and is in a phase where new growth is coming in and her hair is full, but she knows the emotional pain of thinning hair.

As a hairdresser for men and women I know men hate it too, but it's much more accepted. While men try a few shampoos and medications they will stop if they feel there are any side effects. Men generally have a back and forth relationship with trying different methods to stop their hair loss as they age. Women on the other hand... We OBSESS over it. We will try everything: medicine, vitamins, Ovation Cell Therapy, color, thickening products, extensions, wigs, accessories, styling options. I mean we try EVERYTHING!

So, here is what I'm doing to stay hot!!

1.WASH YOUR HAIR LESS. For me, the most hair loss is during washing and brushing the hair. Use dry shampoo and wash your hair once or twice a week tops. I know it looks better clean, but if you can stretch it even every other day you’ll retain more hair throughout the shedding period while your hormones are leveling out. REST ASSURED YOUR HAIR WILL GROW BACK!!

2.CHANGE YOUR PART… If you part in the middle sweep from side or back. Cover as much of the head with the longer hair.. Not a combover.. but kind of… Also a jagged part distracts from thinning compared to a straight part. 

3. BLOW DRY WITH THICKENING SPRAY at the part in the front at the roots or wherever you’d like to disguise thinning. You don’t need to blow dry all of your hair if you don’t have time. But, if you blow dry the root with THICKENING SPRAY it will look fuller. Use heat to activate the product. 

4. CURLS/WAVES  use a curling,flat iron or rollers... waves make the hair look fuller because they take up more space than when the hair lies flat or straight.

5. TEASE AND PIN..  One of my favorites ways to add volume is to tease the top so there is no part just a ponytail. Make sure you use a fine mist of hairspray at the sides to give a more polished look and hide the flyaway. Don’t spray the top only the sides near the ear.. This avoids the 80’s slick ponytail. 

6. We pencil in our eye brows right? So, Why not PENCIL/SHADE/DUST the scalp with matte makeup.  The hair appears thicker when a light scalp isn’t showing through.

7. SCARVES/HEADBANDS/ HATS…..this will help in the meantime…YOUR HAIR WILL GROW BACK. 

8. PRODUCT…Thickening shampoo/conditioner, Thickening spray, Root lift mouse, Thickening  powder, dry shampoo.

9. HAIR PIECES .. caps, bangs, extra hair … A wig shop will have them… You don’t get to be ranked #3 “100 Sexiest Stars of the Twentieth Century” by Playboy and #2 on the list of Men’s Health “Hottest Women of All Time” without knowing a few tricks…>Raquel Welch

10. NUTRITION...Make sure you're getting enough iron, vitamin c, biotin, protein, vitamin D. 

Another great post as I search for pictures... This blogger has some great tips. buzzfeed