Monday, November 2, 2009

Wedding Officiants

The person who performs your wedding ceremony will be dear to you throughout your marriage. I always want to thank our Italian professor at USC, Fausto Pauluzzi, every year on our anniversary for marrying my husband and I. " 5 years October 16th" He created a ceremony that fit us at the time, and watching it in video years later we are amazed at how profound his content and word choices really were. He gave our marriage a beautiful place to begin.

Gale Johnston, a very special client of mine, provides custom wedding ceremonies here in Portland. She has a very nurturing soul that will touch you and your guests. She meets with the couple individually hearing stories of how they met, fell in love, proposals, future dreams, ect. And, the stories can be crafted into the day of events. She can even read over vows and offer suggestions. She listens and guides with care.

In these photos, I had the honor of doing Gale's hair before the ceremony. I loved hearing the side of the officiant...usually I'm working with brides and their parties..She shared the process of crafting their ceremony, moments of nervousness, excitement, and the calm that love brings. The couple was lucky to have someone who cared so much for them.

Gale provides other services as well through Canto de Paloma (dove song)

Energy Work/Reiki
Baby Welcoming
Elder Honoring
House Blessings
Custom Ceremonies

Also...again a special thank to Fausto Pauluzzi. Matt and I will always be grateful.

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