Saturday, December 28, 2013

Leonard Simpson's 10 Best Dressed Awards Benefiting Miriacle Babies

On Nov. 21st I had the opportunity to lead a team for hair and makeup backstage for a fashion show at Leonard Simpson's Best Dressed Awards. The gala celebrates philanthropists who help our community. This marks Leonard Simpson's 6th year honoring these men and women for their kindness and choosing one organization to benefit from the gala. This year money was raised for Miracle Babies," a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide support and financial assistance to families with critically ill newborns in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit; and to enhance the well-being of women, children and their families through education, prevention and medical care."


 2013 Best Dressed Winners

Anahi Arata
Doreen Schonbrun
Jacqueline Foster
Jeanne Larson
Kristi Pieper
Maggie Watkins
Marjan Daneshmand
May Zawaideh
Rosanne Indermill
Yolanda Walter-Meade
A.G. Spanos
David Patrone
Kambiz Agahnia
Manoj Motwani, MD
Michael Farah
Ray W. Grimm Jr.
Scott Muske
Sean Caddell
Steven Cox
Tom Karlo

Fashion Show notes.

 One of my favorite designers of the evening Puey Quinones used materials like feathers, burlap, tulle, heavy and light fabrics. I watched as he pinned clothes just so on models or yanked out a feather, loop, or string that wasn't sitting as he wished. I was watching a true artist in his element.

I loved the details in this show. There were furs, feathers, crowns, dogs, lanterns, armor made of sunglasses...I'm not even sure what else I missed.

Debb Sloan Fairie Dress Collection with hand painted fabrics from Marjorie Pezzoli

Designer Gregorio Sanchez

I loved his heavy fabrics and rich colors. This was my favorite hair to be a part of. My team joined with Gregorio's stylist. His hair team and models almost all spoke Spanish. We could talk in English, but it was easier to communicate on the hair through visual communication. Talking in the language of hair. My team set the hair and began the pinning process while Gregorio's master stylist used his artistic eye to create the finished style. This is my favorite way to do hair for a show in an assembly line fashion setting/prep work, initial pinning, and then a finisher. This gives a very consistent look and is more team oriented. In my future shows I plan to use this method.

My Team

Andrea Waddell

These girls are rock stars! Plan to see them by my side at fashion shows and weddings styling/makeup for the beautiful women of San Diego.