Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mane and tail cut..hahah...what's next

Photo Finish of Ellie's pretty haircut..

She's for sale...

Photography and Hair by Kira Pinski

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hairstyling on a new level/ Bang Trim

You can really see how serious I get about hair..It's pretty funny. I never watch myself in action.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Time for an inspiration session at Salon Capelli

Model: Katherine Hart Option MM
Makeup: Terri Lodge Option MM
Wardrobe: Rebecca Westby
Hair: Kira Pinski

I've been feeling inspired..I just went to 2 classes the past 2 mondays 1 updo and 1 cutting/styling curly hair. I think I'm ready again mentally to teach that next styling class:) Anyone interested? These happen about twice a year. I've done 5 so far...of this class..It varies every time... I'm thinking no more than 8 people. $65 for 3 hrs.

I need at least 3 people to do the class.

Who: for hairdressers/ makeup artists already skilled in basic hair techniques
What: Styling down and building updos
When : April 26th 10:30-1:30
Where: Salon Capelli
2655 NW Vaughn St.
Portland, OR 97210
we have a parking lot.

Space is limited to 8 stylists and 8 models
Cost: $65 for stylists/mua
Models: $10 for 1 hr 1/2 styling...great for brides looking for ideas, someone who loves to have their hair played cutting involved only styling for a class. 11:30-1:30

Break down of the day:

first hour technique

we can do whatever you want really I'm going to gear it toward what people want to learn and will be asking in email before the class key techniques to focus on...

I'm thinkng...

french twists

chignons( buns)

faux bob

incorporating braids

different hair textures to create with irons/wrapping objects

mad men hair sectioning and creating

at least 2 ways to use hair nets

these are all just a few ideas

10 min. break.

hopefully 1-4 hands on individual..maybe even switching models
working on models while I walk around and give at least 8 min. of individual attention to everyone..some more..some a little less and maybe connecting people together to try things if i see someone has a skill at something they can show someone else during the small group/individual time.

10 min. break

last 10-15 min. discuss wrap up.

I will have pictures for ideas that day..kind of like a bridal consultation or photo shoot.. and, I you can check out my bridal section on flickr or any images on there for kind of what I do...or my website...

This will be fun...


This season's S/S 2010 Chanel collection is inspired by farm life...And, those of you who've been in during the last few months know how much farm life/nature inspired me as well. Chanel looks back to Marie Antoinette's dream of a farm life with her country life in Le Petit Trianon. The hair is up and loose with bits falling out from days of playing farm.

I was recently floating around Chanel's site because I've heard of a show coming up on my 30th birthday that I really want to attend or do hair for...they need a fingers crosses picture:), and I came across an interview with Karl Lagerfeld a high end designer who collaborates with FENDI and Chanel compared being a designer to being an athlete in how laziness is not an option in finding inspiration,

"Appetite comes with eating . Ideas come when you work."

This is so true for me. The busier I am the more excited I am about hair, fashion, life.... There are always new styles to try and create. I love the quest for the ultimate hair experience! Hey and thank you today to my special clients S., M., L. and E. for your super fun energy. Work was a blast today!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Curls Curls Curls Class

This has sure been a great on for classes, and a great month for my clients. Pretty much everyone is leaving with updos or great styling tips from my Aquage updo class earlier this month. Then my new obsession with curls and this wild new perm has given me a new appreciation of the curly world. Later this week I will also post pictures of shrubs I have been pruning into a spiral and balls. This is kind of how I look at curls like shrubbery.

This image is of Lindsay Garcia after she came back from the Bumble and Bumble institute in NYC and shared her information at Ziva Salon with her class on cutting curly hair. Lindsay had some great techniques of arrow head sectioning for removing and building weight, creating balance (always a big part of any cut/style/color which I'm always mentioning) and creating layers for shape, and taking out bulk through the ends. Plus helpful tips on dealing with curls day to day. I was so excited to use it on 2 of my lovely clients today...thanks Lisa and Mulysa for letting me tame and enhance your curls and waves. It was so, so fun!!

Thanks so much Ziva team for inviting me back for this class!! It was inspirational as always!

This image is me on the farm that day after Kristoffer at Ziva cut my hair as his model during Lindsay's cutting class. Thank you Kristoffer it's behaving excellent today. With curly hair you never really know until the next day, week or so:)

The book Curly Girl by Lorraine Massey with Deborah Chiel is also full of helpful tips... The book is only $9.95 and every stylist and curly hair client should have it.

Inside it has...

Easy Updos and Styling tips

How to cut it

How often to cut, shampoo, condition

Pictures of tons of celebrities with different curls to get ideas

Pictures of hair from 2000 BC (yep) and over the decades ( I love this section)

1 page of celebs inside Curly Girl....I've got my copy of book to look at the salon for a while:)

This last image is from an Erhart shoot I worked on last year. This is a style the model came up with that day for her newly cut short,curly hair. I loved it!!

I just checked out their page a second ago...and, they are featuring my rocking braid as it changed into many different styles. This is one of my favorites... Thanks Erhart

Have fun with your curls girls!!

Monday, April 5, 2010


On this cold, gray, windy, rainy Portland day...aaahhh pretty dreary...I curled up on the couch with a blanket and some left over lamb cake(photo on facebook) to watch The September Issue on Netflix.

The documentary follows
Anna Wintour (editor-in-chief of American Vogue) in the creation of September Issue of Vogue. The film also shows the relationship between Anna and Vogue's Creative Director, Grace Coddington. It's interesting to watch these women who began working at Vogue on the same day create the masterpiece of Vogue each month.

Anna Wintour and Grace respect each other. They understand that both of their talents are vital in producing the magazine, but as their names reveal Wintour is cold and brisk in dealing with people. In the film she jokes with the camera man that some post processing needs to be done on his belly for a photo, and smiling patting her own small frame says he should hit the gym. Balancing Wintour, Grace calls the retoucher and asks that his belly not be touched. She wants the world to see that while models are expected to be perfect the rest of the world can have it's beautiful flaws.

Grace grew in the country side of Wales, she modeled in the 60's, and at 26 her eye was disfigured in a car crash. I wonder if she hadn't had this accident and remained strikingly beautiful if she would have been so nurturing at this point in her career or where her career would be at this point.

Flaws bring beauty. The unusual is what gets talked about and remembered.

I met a model, who has appeared on International Vogue and other publications, while my husband and I traveled in Costa Rica last winter. I remember seeing her on the beach. She was tall, thin, perfect bone structure, and had amazing light eyes with light brown hair. Her beauty made me a little intimidated to talk with her. It made me shy and reserved. Then getting close to her I saw her skin was a little discolored above her lip but not very noticeable. She had a condition caused by the sun...kind of like age spots that would fade when she wasn't so golden brown...It made her human and more touchably beautiful to me in a way I could relate to and approach. She is still one of the most beautiful people I have met inside and out. I would have probably talked to her either way, but for a week in Santa Teresa we became friends.

The hair for Anna and Grace also followed their personalities just as if it would have been written into the script of life. Anna had a tidy, unchanging bob. Perfectly straight, even, precise falling at her chin, and neat, straight across bangs opening up her small face. Her makeup was soft and natural, but definitely applied with precision. Grace has wild, frazzled red hair. At first I wanted to try a bunch of conditioning masks on it or curling/flat irons, but as the film went on I began to love the romantic in her that allowed her to wear hair that's been tousled by the air of European gardens.

It is hard be a part of the fashion world where the outside appearance is always being critiqued. Anna asks her assistant for new ideas instead of always delivering same type of feel in her photographs/ writing for the magazine. Then she proceeds to personally criticize her straight, always the same hair. Anna also criticizes their cover model,Sienna Miller's hair asking to have her wear a wig which didn't work. It is then tied in a clean top knot with some looseness in the top. I thought the style looked youthful and modern in a good way. And, I understand Anna's frustration with wanting the best in every situation. In the end Anna's decisiveness and ability to express it make the magazine great.

The world of fashion is harsh. It's fun. It's beautiful. It's how adults play dress up...thank you for joining me on this rainy Portland day.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lovely in NYC

Lovely a NYC bridal boutique is now carrying Elizabeth Dye and Sarah Seven. This is great news for Portland to see our designers setting the trends. I'm also glad to see this image of my hair on Lovely's homepage:) I love the beautiful world of weddings.

Monday's Aquage Updo Class

On Monday I had the opportunity to go to an Aquage styling class. We went over classic techniques to create balance in volume, finger waves, braids, french twists, chignons, and iron designs. It was great watching another stylist work. There is always more to learn.