Friday, November 28, 2014

Indian Wedding Hair

San Diego is a huge wedding destination. Working with brides from all over the country as they come to sunny California to tie the knot, is exciting because they bring so many fresh details to their special day. Some of my favorite weddings this season have been Indian weddings coordinated by Nahid Farhound. Her attention to detail, quick responses, decision making, and kindness make her one of the most sought after planners in San Diego....possibly the most sought after for Indian weddings because of her experience and connections.

This is a special video from my bride Aimee as she celebrated her marriage with her friends and family.  Their wedding had the traditional Christian and Indian ceremonies. It was a blend of their families traditions and what was important to each of them as they join in their new life together. I love seeing a couple laughing and looking at each other with admiration and support. They were so sweet throughout the two days checking in with each other smiling at the happiness of their partner. Their love was the detail that touched me the most, it spilled over into every aspect of their wedding... the gorgeous henna on the palms, hands, feet, ... the Italian lunch and Indian dinner... amazing... the gold shoes and flowing mane on Craig's horse as he rode into the crowd dancing in celebration, the jewelry ...always amazing with Indian weddings.. placing the tikka on her friends who some were wearing for the very first time... the clothes and fabrics... okay enjoy the video... more Indian wedding details to come as I have more time to blog when the holiday rush slows down at the salon..Just thought this was so sweet and wanted to share:)

Friday, November 21, 2014

Embracing Locks of Love

Over the last 9 years that I've been a hairdresser I've had a ritual of letting go. I collect hair for Locks of Love or Pantene Great Lengths and when I need to change the energy in my life I mail all the hair off to one of these organizations. I've mailed the hair when I've had an unhappy or difficult client, when I'm trying to deal with a break up, especially trying to heal after my divorce, there were many shipments as I made baby steps in healing. I sent a bundle when I moved from Portland to La Jolla...I use it to let go.. I use it to move forward...

 I feel like hair holds energy. If hair grows on average 1/2 an inch/month that's only about 6 inches a year. Locks of Love requires 10 inches for the wigs it makes for children. Pantene Beautiful Lengths requires 8 inches for the wigs it makes for adults. That means the hair that has been cut off has been through all of life's ups and downs for a year, usually more like 3 years. I find people donate when it is a time for them to let go or transition into a new phase in their lives. I see it especially around the time of a new baby, after a wedding, career transition, helping a friend through cancer, transitioning into first adult job, graduating college, and some people do this in cycles every few years getting the big cut. It's freeing to shed this hair. It's scary to give away what can be a cover we hide behind. Hair is very powerful..In the Bible when Delilah cuts Samson's hair he became powerless. When people cut their dreads some believe there is a shift in energy.

 This time I don't feel like I am letting go, but rather I am embracing this new chapter in my life. I have found a place to live that feels like where I am supposed to be. Sunny, warm but not hot, by the ocean and by rocks, with people who live active full lives, and I'm building community in my new home. The transition of moving is always hard, but feeling like this is where I belong and that I'm at the beginning of something wonderful is a very good feeling. I don't have all the answers or know exactly where I will be, but I love being a hairdresser and I love San Diego. I'm happy to be on this path seeing where it will go.

much love to
 my mom and dad
 my sisters who are always a phone call away
my cousin Clara who's hair is in this shipment
 my roommate Ricky who's hair is in this shipment
my friend Cristine
 my bff's Jessica Cochran and Christine Eggers
my new friends Kori, Kelly, and Ann
and all the people who have supported and shaped my life along the way

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Leonard Simpson's 10 Best Awards/Fashion Show 2014

This is the second year I've had the opportunity to be a lead at Leonard Simpson's 10 best Dressed Awards. Deena Horeck Von Yokes from Studio Savvy and I worked with our teams to create Angelina Jolie inspired double french twists, sweet hair bows, gold glitter eyes, jeweled lids, deep dramatic red lips, pops of pink and orange. Thank you Leonard for dreaming big!! And, thank you to my amazing team for your talent, time, and positive energy!! I can't wait to work with you all again!! This show is fun because it brings stylists and makeup artists from salons across San Diego and freelance artists together for one night to create something magical. I always learn when I work with someone new.

Hair & Makeup Team

(the few I was about to round up for the picture...busy backstage)


  1. Ann DeNicolo
  2. Brittney Page
  3. Danielle Annarumma
  4. Erin Oclair
  5. Libbey Lazarus
  6. Rachel Gallenberger
  7. Renee Rhoads
  8. Sasha Brinncess 


Photo Credit:

Designers that caught my eye:

Alpaca Couture
Karla Lamas
Oseas Villatoro
Rocky Gathercole
Viet Chung Vo

Thank you Leonard Simpson for producing this show! Below is one of my favorite pictures of Leonard with his dear friend Sally Thornton who was one of the founders of the 10 Best Dressed show honoring philanthropists. This is Leonard's 7th year producing the 10 Best Dressed show. His love of fashion and his generosity for local charities come together in a night full of surprises. This year the theme was a moment in time. We walked through history with gladiators, a steam punk group with costumes and bikes from he late 1800's, My Fair Lady fashion, and modern couture. He had Joy Sargis borzoi show dogs, jewels, fur coats, clock cakes, and details to touch every heart. He created "A Moment in Time" with this memorable show.