Friday, February 26, 2010

Hair's a Happy Hair

My lovely friend Renee Field sent me the most inspiring text the other day....I love an hair related texts...Thank you:)

  • Longer waved hair inspired by the 1940’s layered longer (“Lobs) with sexy waves as well as bangs, pixie crops, hair buns, chignons and twists styles are all on trend.
  • Tousled undone milkmaid BRAIDS, "Messy braids with tons of texture are one of the biggest trends for Spring".*
  • CURL trend also continues to be strong. Stick straight hair is replaced by straight long, naturally styled looks inspired by the 1970's with volume and flips.
  • Masculine ANDROGYNOUS slicked side hair looks also prevailed at runway shows inspired by 19th Century retro "Female Dandy" military and tuxedo fashion.**

*Sally Hershberger, Celebrity Stylist
**Sources:, Instyle, People

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Strength is Beauty

Could these images be any more beautiful?

Images still keep pouring in from my Carl Evan's shoot in November, and each one seems to be more amazing than the next. For a complete view of what I have so far check out my flickr gallery Big thanks to Bossanova Ballroom for providing a location for us to create these images.

Photography: Carl Evans
Model: Kacy Rogers Option MM
Hair: Kira Pinski
Makeup: Terri Lodge
Wardrobe: Rebecca Westby
Designer: Frocky Jack Morgan

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

30's Bob: American in Paris

All month the latest issue of LaunchPad has given me ideas to play with from 30's and 40's style glamour. I tried 2 Mad Men inspired styles and sent a few lucky clients out with creative updos after their cuts/colors. I'm in love with beehives, rolls, floppy full pulled up bangs, and faux bobs. These images are from Vivienne Mcakinder's 30's Bob: American in Paris collection. Thank you Vivienne for inspiring so much style in hair.

I had the opportunity to style hair in the sparkle ballroom at the Nine's at Q Center's Winter Gala with National Beauty Salon. With a bit of white wine and beautiful long hair that was getting ready to donate to Locks of Love I created one of my tallest beehives yet.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dancing Queen

Megan looking soft and sweet at the Viscount Dance studio. We accomplished a lot in the 1 hr we had to shoot this look. Lighting had to be tested, furniture moved, and 2 wardrobe changes. The studio is a little dark to shoot in and the wall color is not ideal, but it was fun to try an actual dance studio for a shoot. Viscount offers all sorts of dance from ballroom to hip hop.

Witchy Woman

This is the shoot with lovely Megan before she leaves us for China to model for 3 months. We wanted to do 2 very different looks, hard/dark and soft/sweet. She accomplished it perfectly. The keys to hair for the shoot were a perfect little hair addition of a small bun for her new bob, and white and blondish hair powder to get her hair rough and wild. The fish net headband was an idea I found in Vogue while looking through the magazine while Terri did her amazing black lips outside. We just cut a fishnet stalking and went for it to give her faux hawk a little more character.

The black lipstick was impressive to do outside of the studio with wind and no running water. Terri's lines had to be perfect and her edges crisp. She killed it!!!
Photog: Brandon Witzel
Model: Megan Marie Hodge Mode International
Makeup/Wardrobe: Terri Lodge
Hair/Wardrobe: Kira Pinski

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Luna Moon / Charlie Girl 91.7 fm

On Wednesday I shot with photographer Tim Gunther and Charlie Girl, Shel Bailey for promotional photos for the radio station 91.7 Charlie FM and Shel's band Luna Moon. We had a great time with this white wig I designed with an afro wig, gel, and cotton backing. It's kind of Lady Gaga/Marie Antoinette.

Images to come from later in the shoot where we had to hike out of forest park with tea candles in the dark. It felt hard core carrying a bucket full of candles, camera equipment, and Shel in a wig, heeled boots, and a Gothic style dress. We had a lot of fun!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Sorry I've been behind on my blog..Life has been busy in the salon, planning for weddings, photo shoots, and possibly buying our first home.

But, I have something beautiful to share. My good friend Megan Hodge just turned 21 and is leaving for China to model for 3 months!! Congratulations little lady!! This is a photo I snapped at home and my husband Matt surprised me by editing it a little. We had just got back from a shoot on Monday with Brandon Witzel (He does gorgeous photography with soft, glowing light) and Terri Lodge for makeup. I can't wait to see his images!! We did 2 looks a soft ballerina at Viscount Dance Studio and this is the dark edgier look we shot in downtown Portland. More images to come!!

Congratulations Megan!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Made For You - Project Wedding

Made For You - Project Wedding

This is the 5th blog I've seen my hair from this shoot on so far:) It's exciting to see the images all over. Thanks Lisa Warninger for taking such amazing photos!

Friday, February 12, 2010

my 2


Yesterday I got a perm from my coworker Terese. We figured out yesterday that she has probably done a million perms in her career. She knows what she is doing, and I send any of my clients that want a perm to her. She can read then to not over process, she can wrap quickly, and she can choose rods that give the effect you want.


-a perm is permanent and has to grow out (straight new growth, curly ends)
(like naturally curly hair, you can blow dry or flat iron a perm, but it's not as easy as straight hair)
- you will wake up with huge hair, but styling with bobby pins into updos can be fun!
-it will fade your color treated hair, but it can be reglossed about 4 days after the perm. and shine spray helps add luster.
- products help define curls. washing and wearing is not the same as wash, product, wear..or accentuating your curls with curling irons or bobby pinning an unruly one into place..

So far, my perm has been a fun new adventure.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Here is a tip from It's a site for hairdressers and clients to get the latest updates on hair trends, fabulous hairdressers, products ect.

advice from Beth Minardi

"Nothing much was happening Saturday night so your client dumped brown drugstore color onto her highlighted hair. Now she’s in your chair demanding that you restore her blonde hue RIGHT NOW! Don’t do it, says BTC Color Education Director Beth Minardi. Trying to make this client all blonde in one day will lead to “color failure.” This hair must be softly highlighted every five weeks for several months. If an all over blonding or base lightening is attempted, you will be faced with orange hair, broken hair, or worse. Give her the facts and let her make the choice, says Beth. And since this is previously lightened hair, handle with care!"

hair| Mark Weston
Trichomania Salon
in the Prague
check out their 2010 hair collection!
the images used here are 2 different blondes

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Grammy Style Sun. Jan. 31, 2010

So, the stars walked out with trying new/old styles.

Some of my favorites were:

Fergie : Her dark hair looks healthy, full, and soft.

Jennifer Nettles : Her short waves were casual/fresh while she sung with Bon Jovi.

Rhianna: Her color and up swept look fit her white dress reminiscent of our local Kate Towers wedding dress. I love Kate's style!! But, some of Rhianna's originality was taken away seeing Mary J. Blige sporting an almost identical style.

Overall I felt the styles were a little boring with Taylor Swift in the same (although beautiful) look, Miley Cyrus with hair that's a little too long, and just an over all less dressy look. I guess that's rock and roll:)

Pink's performance in the Cirque Du Soleil ropes was so brave and beautiful. Her gray style fit her act, but I've learned this color is almost impossible to maintain.

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