Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Last night Victoria Secret Runway Show

Liu Wen was the first Asian model to walk to VS runway:) I was actually surprised to hear this was a first. I would have thought this would have happened a while ago. They had some diversity with Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell years ago. This years show had a variety of nationalities and skin tones in the show.

Heidi Klum walked the runway in a corset type outfit, and hosted the event on Nov. 19th after having a baby only 5 1/2 weeks before. She said she gained 50 lbs. of baby weight and still had 20 to shed to be back to her ideal weight of 120 lbs. I think it's great they are showing other body types and women who have recently been pregnant even if they are still more glamorous than any mother could look without having trainers during and after the pregnancy, child care, hair/makeup, and flattering clothes. But, that is what a supermodel is supposed to be:) And, Heidi looked radiant as always.

Watching this big runway show on TV last night was so fun!! The new style of how we interact and view TV has changed from strictly runway show to getting what feels like up to the minute behind the scenes(still prerecorded), backstage, photo shoots, hair/makeup styling, getting to see how they train on the runway and in the gym with a personal trainer, and having a chance to vote for a new model to win a chance to walk the VS runway. What an adventure TV has become:)

3 SIMILARITIES/DIFFERENCES from Portland Fashion Week
I've done hair on the Sidlab team for 3 consecutive years.

1.the energy-backstage girls are frantically dressing sometimes with dressers and hair chasing the girls securing a hat/flower, buckling shoes as they are running to get back on the runway to casually glide in their gorgeous clothes for the crowd.

2. the scene- photographers want to talk to the models. they kind of ignore the hairstylists unless they think you are important. it's fun. the scene is young and flirty. work- it takes a lot of people to make this happen: clothing designers, promoters,organizers, photographers, models,agencies, hair, makeup, dressers, lighting, sound,musicians, venue rental, the people who set up and take down the event, gift bag stuffers, greeters, ticket takers,the press, catering,the guests that attend.. each of these groups has a team of people that work for them to make it all happen...and, let me mention hair again:)

1. the look-VS has a set/ planned style for hair. loose, bedroom waves

2. extensions-almost all the girls if not all have some sort of extensions added for length/fullness that perfectly match their hair.

3. nails-they have nail technicians doing manis/pedis

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