Friday, July 20, 2012

Hot Mullet Men

Tonight I was watching The American Mullet

And, I realized there are a few mullets that I'm kind of okay with. Kid mullets, rock star mullets, biker mullets, punk/hipster mullets, soccer mullets.. I've only ever cut 2 mullets one was cool for a client who was in a band, and he tried all sorts of cuts. I always looked forward to cutting his hair because it might be a mullet, it might be a rat tail, it might be pretty much all shaved short with lines carved into his hair. But, I also did one in beauty school for a cross gender man that wanted to look like a woman...It wasn't cute. I wonder if I'll ever date a mullet man..It's not really my ideal style, but who knows..hahah

Here are the mullets I'm kind of into...

 At last Saturday's Timber's game I had such a hard time not cheering whenever David Beckham made a goal against our team. My friend Monica and I had the be
st time just watching him play.

 Brad Pitt sporting a mullet..

Some of my major celebrity crushes growing up...


A rock climber that I'd gladly cut his hair into some crazy style..I've always been a fan of Jason Kehl's creative, wild hair..

Okay Braveheart was a badass and he has a mullet.

One thing that I thought was funny in the Mullet of the guys seems to think that his mullet will attract lesbians..And, he seems to think that's a good thing because you know how much lesbians love men.. hhmm...I also like that lesbians don't want to hang out with the type of guy who has a mullet and mullet men don't want to hang out with lesbians, but this is a hairstyle they both share..It's kind of sweet...

OKAY I AM NOT PROMOTING THIS HAIRSTYLE...But, I have to admit I've had a crush on mullet men all my life I guess..I didn't even realize this...Now I think I would like all of them more with just a short kind of buzzed hair, but somehow the mullets work... It's a mystery. There is something wild about this hairstyle..It's usually not good...What do you guys think?

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Pink/Purple Hair

Thank you to my lovely client Maia for introducing me to this fun color demo...And, I love her pegasis, glitter shirt at the end!!! So fun!!!