Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pink's New Haircut

On march 7th Pink's people called me from LA to see if I knew who did another celebritie's hair which was also short and cute because they said Pink wanted to find a new hairdresser...They found me because of this blog...which is AWESOME!! On March 10th she had to go to a premier where she hated her hair...I wonder if she got it cut before or after this phone call...

These are some of my favorite shapes of Pink's everyday hair that clients could also wear.

One thing that we have to remember is that Pink is pregnant and emotions are running high. Whenever I cut a pregnant woman's hair differently she loves it one minute, hates it the next, loves it, hates it, loves it...I do agree this isn't the most flattering cut, but maybe with a little styling changes it could be cool!! (image at the bottom of this post labeled new cut)

I think the shape is not right for her. Pink looks great with height on top and the sides back away from her face and tight/not full..or one side full..

I think curls would be flattering right now with the softness of motherhood...And, I like the idea of more of a honey blond..I did love the gray...It feels edgy, statuesque, 20's glam, and it is something very hard for the everyday woman to achieve (lasting dyed gray) But, I miss her blond for this new phase of life..And maybe I've just been influenced by Kim Vo magic from my last class..hahah..

straight from her crazy:) i wonder what's next for her...

Pink's New Hair

attending premiere of The Lincoln Lawyer held at Arclight Hollywood at the Cinerama Dome on March 10, 2011 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images) Source: Getty Images

this style could be a transition from this cut...But i think I would like to see more length on top..Her new "bowl cut" could be good if it was a little messier and pushed to one side or the other..I think I like it more to the opposite side of this photo..It grows about 1/2 an inch a month...maybe throw in a few extensions...Or go with it..Pink has a GORGEOUS, POWERFUL, CAPTIVATING FACE. Her eyes, and smile glow making look amazing when she turns on that energy.

It's also interesting that one hairdresser can give one person an amazing haircut and another something that doesn't fit..But, we are artists, and we are always pushing our limits and trying new things...Sometimes it's a masterpiece, but sometimes it's not the best...But, without risk you never grow..And, what's good about hair...It always...always grows..You can't have a bad hair day for long..styling is the trick:)

Here is some inspiration for short hair that one of my lovely, lovely clients sent me the other night for her haircut this week...Maybe this could be something Pink could try..

xo short haired ladies:)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Kim Vo Best of Blonding

The best color class I've ever attended!!! oh my...
Let's lighten up for SUMMER...We are almost there:)

Kind, FUNNY, and extremely talented. Kim Vo is moving the industry forward.

He has done hair for

Kate Hudson
Katherine Heigl
Cameron Diaz
Pamela Anderson
Goldie Hawn
Morgan Fairchild
and on and on....

His TV experience includes

"Shear Genious"
"Extreme Makeover"
"Daily 10"

Blonds have moved from bleach and harsh lifting agents in the time of Marilyn Monroe, highlighting caps, Foils/FOILS/and more Foils, now smudging and balayage, and brond ...Each application has it's place, but it's great to have more tricks in the styling bag:)

Kim Vo and his mother escaped from Vietnam...He is humble, kind, and loves his clients and sharing his knowledge with stylists...

Brond Beauty : Drew Barrymore

Subtle Bronding : Julia Roberts

Blond Smudge & Balayage : Cameron Diaz

Thank you Salon Services and Julie Howes for making this class possible in Portland!!
Thanks for the inspiration Kim Vo

If you want to listen...especially for hair dressers...Here's an hour long interview with Kim Vo:) Enjoy.

Kim Vo: Sneak Peak at the Best in Blonding with the BEST Blonder in the Business from Pro Beauty Association on Vimeo.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pureology Colourists' Solution...for clients and stylists

okay kids...I've got a 2 hr break from a cancellation at the salon, and we have a huge improvement...THE INTERNET...We are having so much fun..talking about Bett's trip to Hawaii being nice and warm on the beach...Listening to Les McCann on our new Pandora...sipping coffee in our dryer chair area...Stan's making everyone laugh as usual...Could life be any better:)

Well yes...Pureology has something new as well...

Do you want your color to last longer? We've got "the Solution"...

Right in line with Pureology's Promise

1. Anti Drying Pretreatment

an individual scalp hydrating treatment with soothing organic willow herb...

It is great for all over color treatments or all over bleaches which go directly on the scalp. The treatment shields the skin with willow minimizes scalp sensitivity, irritation, and staining of the skin. It's really wonderful, and does not effect the haircolor. It is there to help the skin:)

2. Fiber Integrity Spray

This mist of organic soy protien and wheat cystine coats the hair to strengthen and prevent haircolour from damaging the hair's integrity. Fiber Integrity Spray helps hair accept colour more evenly through the length of the hair. Great for all over colour refreshing the ends, all over colour changes, or highlight/lowlight. Really any colour service where you want haircolor through the ends.

3. Neutralizing Colour Sealer

At the shampoo bowl, when the colour is rinsed out apply Colourist's Solution, Neutralizing Colour Sealer to restore the hair's pH balance with citric acid. The Neutralizing Colour Sealer also neutralizes oxidation and ammonia odors. It's kind of cool..if you don't rinse the colour the whole way the solution turns hot pink to let you know a little more rinsing is needed:)Sealing the hair like this is great for making colour last...especially if you are toning and want your colour to stay true and not go brassy.'ve got the scoop!!! If you want it just ask...It's an extra add on treatment for $20 at Salon Capelli...It can be a cost saver not having to tone ends every time...just having to do root retouches...and, the hair condition is improved when colour isn't applied over all of the ends every time.

love you guys!!


back to work:)
pictures of the products added later when I'm back home...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Chance to win a Green School Makeover!!!! Get on it!!

Pureology, the hair product line that I love, is a strong supporter of Global Green. I was just checking out the Pureology website and found this contest to give one school a chance to win a GREEN MAKEOVER. Both of my parents are teachers in Virginia. My mom teaches 4th grade and my dad teaches Spanish, and they are always getting sick. I would love either of their schools to win, and I do hair for a lot of parents and teachers in the Portland school system here is Oregon. And, even though we are a very "green" city in comparison to many in the country we could still use major help:) Thank you Pureology and Global Green for this opportunity to move a little closer to healthier, happier learning environments.

Monday, March 7, 2011

David's hair

One of my favorite guys to watch for men's hair is David Beckham...If you are ever looking for guys styles just google Beckham images because he tries so many different things with his hair...

Here are a few of my favorites...

I remember this W spread maybe 4 years ago now when I wanted to chop my hair just like Beckam's wife, Posh Spice. Victoria Beckham hair was a huge trend that still looks pretty cool today! I think she was the first big cut to have a name like "The Rachel"/ "Friends cut"

Tom Brady’s ponytail is hair raising

Tom Brady’s ponytail is hair raising

Hi Ladies....

So...It seems like there is a huge buzz about Gisele Bundchen's husband's hair....New England Patriot, Tom Brady was photographed wearing his hair in a small ponytail at Carnival this past weekend in Rio de Janeiro.

Gisele was headlining a samba float called “Hair” as a spokesperson for Pantene... But, online it seems like Tom stole the show with his....ponytail... The comments on Shutdown Corner are pretty ridiculous. There are 2, 343 comments from fans they argue back and forth about Tom looking gay...and, is it okay to look gay if your wife is Gisele, and she likes that kind of hair. You'll have to read a few comments...It's pretty funny..

Here are some ways Tom has worn his hair in the past... He and Gisele make a gorgeous couple..