Saturday, July 31, 2010

Time Saving Tricks

1. For cleaner looking hair fast...just wash the bangs/fringe with shampoo.. no conditioner in the sink or shower..presto..a cleaner, finished style or pony tail...also to tame flyaways in a ponytail..dust with light hairspray and smooth with your hand or back of comb...not Aqua Net!!

2. A favorite dry shampoo when a little more oil could be absorbed...also great for volume in updo's Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder..It's an aerosol, colored spray to blend roots..also extends the life of color by masking root color and needing to shampoo less.

3. Get in the habit of steaming clothes in the shower for later in the week.

4. When blow drying try Pureology's NanoGlaze to reduce drying time...If you notice I use it on just about everyone of you at the salon...It dries hair faster, gives soft shine, smooths's pretty much a miracle. Also, when blow drying the hair...1st. ring it out in the shower a couple times..then wrap in a towel or turban to soak up water, then let air dry as long as possible..focus on the roots when drying... most of the styling happens when hair is 80% or more dry.

5. Before vacation or any time get waxed. 1/2 leg wax or arm pits save so much time on vacation...cutting shower time way down...prices are cheap at Aveda Institute..but, or 1st time waxing or to see a pro check out Urban Waxx..."the best wax you'll ever have, Seriously." It's true.

Friday, July 30, 2010


If you click on the flyer it will be bigger!! sorry

This seems like a great deal to me:) Thought you guys should know!! Jeri Baker done some pretty cool work.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Winter Wedding

Hi Girls,

As the summer wedding season is in full swing, it's time for the fall/winter brides to get their hair stylists secured with Portland being a popular wedding destination year round...Here are some images from Rebekah Johnson and their sunny, special day..Rebekah's humor and ease are a great combination for keeping the whole wedding party and guests smiling in front of her lens.

Another honorable mention goes to the talented makeup artist Kirsten Weller, who is currently traveling in Europe after doing a gorgeous Tuscan wedding. I've been drooling over her pictures on Facebook!!

To see the whole story of Lindsay and Dan's Portland Winter's a link to Rebekah's blog... It's pretty cool that these two chose to do a destination here since they live on the East Coast...This city is pretty cool!!

A special thank you to Kara Markovich at Ella Events for coordinating the event and making everything golden.

And, Thank you Lindsay for your elegance, may you always be a happy, gorgeous bride:) I loved being part of your special day.



Monday, July 19, 2010

The History of the Barber Pole

I've always loved the barber pole. When I was little I thought it meant there was candy or something fun in the store. I would still love to have one outside of Salon Capelli or in our parking lot, even though we are not barbers. Barbers have a separate license through the state to do traditional shaving techniques.

The Pole is thought to represent the staff that patients held during bloodletting when Barbers were known as Barber-Surgeons. The patients would grip the staff so their veins would stand out (veins represented by the blue swirl). The red swirl represents the bloody rags that were hung out to dry after the procedure swirling in the wind. And, the cup on the end of the pole is the cup the blood was let into. Barbers also pulled teeth.... In 1450 Barbers and Surgeons were declared 2 different fields ...Thank God for medical advancement...

I'm so happy we only do hair. I love being a hairdresser...But, a Psychology degree would probably come in handy as well;)

for more on the Barber Pole

Sunday, July 18, 2010

My last NAHA post wouldn't let me add all my images...

Here's a one more that I can't leave out!

NAHA (North American HairStylist Award) July 18, 2010

OMG!!! I just finished watching the first ever NAHA Awards streaming live on, and it reminded me of why I LOVE my if I ever could forget...

It is a reminder to keep working and trying to create something new to keep yourself excited. There are so many possibilities in color, cuts, shapes, textures, makeup, clothes, lighting... The hairdressers thank their partners and families, other stylists for inspiration and support, product companies for supporting/launching their careers, and the clients. We can never forget the clients. You encourage us to stay on top of our craft so we can give you the very best. We can only give what we have. So, that is why I strive to always be better than I was the day before...always learning, trying, and listening...

Here is my NAHA entry from this year...I was inspired around Halloween to work with Afro wigs...thinking I would do a shoot about totally evolved from their into something theatrical and beautiful...This is what I came up with...

Thank you to my amazing team...

Photographer: Carl Evans
Makeup: Terri Lodge
Wardrobe: Rebecca Westby
Models: Cora Benesch
Eric Dierking
Andrina Kaupert
Kacy Rogers