Monday, November 29, 2010

Amai Unmei

New Clothes are always one of my favorite things!! And, this is my new favorite jacket from
Amai Unmei I'm ready for winter with this gorgeous jacket. Girls...Let's go somewhere fancy this holiday season so I can wear this pretty, little coat:) Pick up your own at Amai Unmei just off of NW 23rd...



Monday, November 8, 2010

Weather Styles: Rainy Day Hair

Here are a few options for side buns...I've also seen them with middle parts, full bangs and the bun on the same side as the part or opposite like in these photos..It's all up to you... It does beat having the same ponytail everyday...Style it up!!!



rainy day hair

So here is a cute tutorial I found on Lauren Conrad's braids.. We need some ideas for rainy day hair since it is getting to be that time of year again in good old Portland:)
But, I have to admit..our fall has been gorgeous..There is a little blue sky out right now and t he sun is hitting the yellow, orange, and green leaves to create the perfect Bob Ross lighting...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


On September 5th, 2010 Diana and Bryan were married at the Abernethy Center. The day looked beautiful in photos captured by the talented Paul Rich. Diana was simply radiant. I loved all the button detail on her dress and the way the air catches her veil. Outdoor weddings are always gorgeous, but it's such a gamble with Oregon's weather. However, it could not have been a more perfect day.

Diana had a pretty little flower made by Midori Designs Hawaii She and her sisters also wore the traditional orchids brought on a lei from Hawaii. The flower is worn over the left ear to symbolize that she is taken.

Thank you Diana for including me in your big day. And, congratulations again to you and Bryan!

love. love. love.