Monday, October 17, 2011

Portland Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012

A brief rundown of Portland Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012

1. Why is Pureology the perfect sponsor for PFW hair?

Pureology has always had a commitment to the environment since it first began in 2001 in Irvine, CA. Just a few points that make us different.

* 100% Vegan Formulas using natural and certified organic botanicals

* Concentrated formulas with no added water to reduce packaging waste and give a stronger product where using less is usually best

* All Pureology products have a 1 or 2 recycling symbol which means the plastic is easiest to recycle grades ranging 1-7 normally

* We are proud to use up to 50% Post Consumer Recycled materials in all packaging...This is huge for the haircare industry!

* We are partnered with Global Green USA where we have a focus on water conservation

These are just a few of the ways Pureology practices sustainable living. Portland Fashion Week is known as the first and only eco-sustainable production of a fashion week in the world. Pureology is excited to sponsor a show with these values.

2. What does Pureology bring to PFW?

Pureology Hairdressers worked together to create beautiful, wearable hair with the intention of creating a total look for each designer. This is the second year that Pureology has sponsored PFW, and it is the second year that we have tried to change every model between designers in a matter of seconds or minutes backstage. As the lead stylist, I really wanted to have consistency on the runway. Pureology hair is known for being healthy, radiant hair color, soft, touchable, full, and luxurious. I wanted the models to have this hair.

3. Why do I love PFW?

This is my 5th year backstage and my 2nd as lead stylist. It was so fun to walk into the model fitting during the weeks before PFW and see everyone again. It has become one big, happy, crazy family...kind of like going back to summer camp year after year. We are all excited to see each other and create a show that is better and better every year as we learn through experience. I've loved watching this production become what it is today, and I'm excited to see what's next!!

4. Who are my top 5 designers to check out?

1. Ms. Wood

2. Amai Unmei

3. Seth Aaron

4. Jay Sario

5. Grishley

5. My favorite PFW Hair

1. Seth Aaron

Black Wigs and Masks forced your eye on the clothes. Backstage was chaos as we shouted girls names to get them in the lineup unsure of who anyone was.

2. Michael Costello

Micahel had sultry faux bobs with jeweled headbands to show the necklines of the clothes while keeping the hair loose and moveable.

3. Anna Cohen

Anna Cohen kept things seemingly simple...The hair had bits of yarn woven into it or felted flowers. My favorite was Mandi Kremer's hair from the back which was full and in kind of a loose braid...But, I couldn't find a picture..You had to be there to see it...

4. Avni

Avni made silk flowers for each model. I wish I had a close up of the intricate details. Completely beautiful.

5. Ethos Paris
All the hair was kept consistent in either a Spanish feeling updo or side swept style pinned with a signature red flower.

6. Who Did the Hair ?

Pureology selected some of their top salons to work the show each night. It's not easy...We get there at 3pm and do hair until the shows over maybe leaving around 10-11pm..These stylists were fast, they new how to use the products, and the stayed calm under pressure!!

Thanks again!!

Wednesday The Phix and Edward Wadsworth
Thursday Anastasia
Friday Rinnovo
Saturday Tres Bon

7. Who was I surprised to see backstage?

The Portland Timbers walking for EarthTec...They were back there having beers and chilling with the models..There are some new romances and I guess some that have been going on for a while..hush hush;)

Timbers Video

8. My top 3 improvements for future hair?

1. More models so that models do not have to get their hair changed between looks..I would love to set the hair into big soft curls, or a tight smooth slick ponytail and keep it as only that for the night. Instead of Ponytail, to bun, to down waves, to beachy waves, to braids, bun, twist, pull, pin...yikes...BUT, WE HAVE FUN! And, I'm just glad PFW letting us change looks for each designer!!!

2. Monitors backstage of the show as it's happening so I can see if there are bangs that are parting in the middle after being set in a strong middle ponytail, or a dent from a rubberband that could be smoothed.

3. Synthetic or real hair to add to models hair for length, fullness, style. It was fun working with Seth Aaron's wigs..He had short black bobs for every model and masks..He was going for a Andy Warhol London in the 60's feel. It totally worked!!

9. What's the hardest part about working on hair backstage?

Portland Fashion Week has been such a great experience for me. When I first started it was hard because of the level of perfection it requires. Sometimes I would do a style, and I would look over and someone else was redoing it. I remember the lead stylist telling me to do a messy braid. So, I made it loose and messy. Then the designer must have asked for a clean braid. And, I looked over and another stylist was redoing my braid which I knew I could do if I was asked to do a neat braid. It hurts, and you can't help but feel bad. Now I still try to ask for honest opinions and a "group eye" to look over my work and the work of my team. It's important to be open and enjoy the talent of others. Sometimes it's hard to see your own mistakes, but we have to remember that it doesn't matter who does the hair as long as it looks amazing on the runway.

10. What do I love about fashion shows compared to still photography?

Watching the clothes and hair move on the runway can be breathtaking. Imagine watching the ocean move compared to seeing it in a picture. The the dress I posted for Ms. Wood made the model want to stay in constant motion. Christina was dancing backstage and the dress danced with her like a modern flapper. Watching Sierra's long hair or the curls of other models bounce on the runway brings life to fashion. The dresses by Seth Aaron, Jay Sario, and Michael Costello made the models look like queens as the excess fabric swept over the runway. Hair, makeup, models, and clothes come together for 4 nights to create the beauty of Portland Fashion Week. See you guys next year:)

Thank you everyone for making PFW possible!!!