Thursday, October 8, 2009

Portland Fashion Week Night 2

Portland Fashion Week is about soft, pretty, healthy, natural hair. This is something I have struggled with during my past two years doing PFW. And, I think it's something that other hairstylists and makeup artists struggle with. We want to make it wild, crazy, and do something that isn't seen in the salon.

But, I think we need to join together and see the vision of PORTLAND Fashion Week. Portland fashion is understated, casually beautiful, and natural. The styles need to look effortless. Volume for sexiness not too formal or high fashion. And, you know I LOVE high fashion. But, taking a step back and seeing the vision of Portland I'm understanding that less is more. I almost think the designers would be happy with all the hair just down with pretty textures set in...straight or wavy...maybe minimal pinning.

This is a phone photo of a model I worked on with Dayna Cakebread. These curls were even too much. We ended up brushing them out softer. I actually LOVED both looks on her. Hopefully I will get a picture with the brushed out side part.

An amazing designer tonight was Paloma Soledad She featured corsets, and I helped her put hat/creations on her models...think feathers/ give you an idea of her talent and style...she made a lot of the clothes for the movie Coraline. She said that her shirts were the size of her finger. check out her site!!

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