Friday, October 9, 2009


Here are braids that work well on the runway. First choose a texture that you would like to work with..smooth, rough, wavy/soft..decide loose or polished...consider parting center, deep swept side work best for drama, in can look like not much was considered..but, sometimes that works best too.. all in the eye of the artist:) See if their clothes dictate the parting..this happened last night..a hat wasn't considered and we had to switch the part was easy, but it could have been taken care of before hand.

Choose a girl that has the appropriate length of hair texture for the style to make things easiest. Or blowdry/curl/flat iron texture in Sidlab Fabric constantly on your hands to get a polished braid...first work in in to the top of the hair gathering to tall then as you twist keep reapplying to smooth flyways. Sidlab Satin shine drops can be cocktailed in to all shine and smoothness as well. Finish with the Sidlab Satin mist. and Chic styling spray or Chichi harder hold hairspray to brush down flyaways with the back of your comb or a makeup brush.

for a rough texture i LOVE LOVE LOVE Sidlab Pacifica. spray it throughout the hair for beachy hair..this plumbs it up and gives it a dryer more matte texture. but, the hair can still be kept flyaway free by adding SidlabUltra or Fabric constantly on the hands.

Use a clear rubberband for blond hair, black for dark, or back comb the ends and hairspray to give a different look to the bottom.

Make sure fly aways are limited-they show in the glare of runway light and create a halo which competes with your style.

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