Monday, October 5, 2009

Flipped ponytail/bun with rough volume...Calvin Klein Runway

One of my favorite hairdressers, Guido, came up with this simple style for Calvin Klein where the focus is the clothes and casual/effortless beauty.

It's a simple cloth headband worn with dressier clothes...DOES NOT HAVE THE SAME EFFECT FOR THE GYM...but, still cute:)

Guido did it with a tucked kind of ponytail. I like to do the ponytail tuck then bobbypin the round part of the tuck in a few directions to cover the rubberband and create a more interesting shape. You can also add a little back combing in the crown. You can add a lot if you are having trouble getting height and work a bit of hairspray in for hold and a rougher texture. If you add a lot of back combing you can always crush it down if it's too much. After you get the ponytail in back comb/tease a little to add mixed textures. It taking the ponytail tuck to the next level...

You can find these headbands that don't really roll up at American Apparel. If it does roll add 2 bobbypins crossed over the fabric in the bottom. I wore a purple one yesterday with my new Yed Omi Circle of Life,amethyst necklace.

Have fun girls!! It's simple and easy...and, you can tell people it's from the Calvin Klein runway!! Now you are in the know.



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