Friday, October 2, 2009

Photo Shoot Sneak Peak....

Yesterday I worked on a photo shoot for Yed Omi Jewelery The name is a combination of their names Yeder and Naomi when combined means "from mother's hands" in Arabic. I think it's lovely.

Inspired by the ocean and nature, this husband and wife team create some amazing jewelery for brides, everyday wear, and special occasions. Naomi has a story to tell behind each handcrafted piece about her process and the power of the stones she used.

Over the past 2 weeks the team has been sending images back and forth through email. When we met up we had piles of fake hair, hairspray, makeup, dripping jewels, flowers,and great wardrobe from Pin Me Aparel. We all laughed and flipped through Claudine's scrap book of magazine photos in her studio/apartment which is a place you never want to leave. In fact, we planned to go to forest park and suavies island, but her esthetics room had a blue/green, lively wall color that made Dara's eyes so dreamy. Claudine's space had roof top views with soft evening light, and inside she had a great feel with candles and fresh flowers. Thank you Claudine for a space you've filled with love.

The team...
Jewelery Yed Omi Jewelery
Photography Photos by Kim
Hair Kira Pinski
Makeup Claudine Ebel
Wardrobe Pin Me Apparel and Naomi's personal collection.
Model Dara


  1. Love it! I couldn't have said this better! Thank you!

  2. Naomi, the pleasure was all mine. Yesterday I wore my new amethyst circle of life necklace, and it inspired a new hairstyle, so I could wear a purple headband:)

    The style is from this season's fall 2009 runway trends. it's a simple headband and ponytail shown in my next posting..Thank you for effortless beauty!!