Monday, August 15, 2011

Your Beauty Sleep...Circadian Rhythm

This song was really scary to me when I was little. I had no idea what the rhythm was..I imagined it like the Nothing/wolf from The Neverending Story..

At the salon lately, my clients and I have been talking about Circadian Rhythm..So, I thought it was time as Greg says to, "Consider the source.." before I keep spreading inaccurate information..hahaha..So, I thought of everything I've been hearing for years, and I did a little research...

Circadian Rhythm...Latin circa meaning "around" and diem/ dies meaning "day"...So, it's literally your bodies natural daily rhythms...

I first heard of the Circadian Rhythm while working at Ziva Salon talking to Erin Mead at the front desk about Decleor skincare and how mummies were preserved with essential oils much like high end skincare..The key to preserving our bodies..which we all know...DIET, EXERCISE, FLOSSING YOUR TEETH, SKINCARE, AND SLEEP. We thought Circadian Rhythm had something to do with sleep cycles and falling asleep around 10pm for at least a full 8 hrs. in order for your body to reach all of the necessary rhythms of sleep like R.E.M..We knew it had something to do with your body's natural rhythms which we all so often ignore because of work, traveling, staying up too late on the computer, and just general fun..

Staying connected with your body, mind, and the world around you is the first step to finding your own rhythm. Really try to take note of how you feel and why. Develop good eating habits. I'm horrible at drinking water, but it makes such a difference in my skin and energy levels. I always tell brides to start drinking a ton of water 2 days before the wedding to look their best..On good days for me I wake up and drink a glass right away then I keep a big Nalegene bottle at work and try to finish it, and when I get home I have at least one in the evening. I'll also try to leave one beside my bed at night. I can't say this happens every day, but often enough..Especially if I drink water instead of tea/coffee.. And, food to me is pretty much just something I have to do like fueling up a car..For me good nutrition is actually work and planning. But, when I cook a meal it is delicious.

SALON MISINFORMATION.. I had been calling it Cicadian Rhythm like the the bugs that sing on hot summer nights where I grew up in Pennsylvania and then would die in their big alien body..This is a bug you would actually find dead not smashed..It's interesting that most bugs aren't found dead unless they are in a window sill, but these seemed to be everywhere in the summer..I miss these bugs a little and all the summer noises growing up in Pennsylvania and on my grandparents farm in New Jersey.. Living in Portland what do you hear? Cars, people, some birds, maybe wind chimes..and, in the winter...RAIN...

Cicada Shell Hair

Back to the Rhythm

Plants, animals, insects, fungus, have these "internal body clocks" we are connected to the tides, the sunlight, the moon, the sounds of the cicada's song, and life around us giving us cues when to be alert, when to relax, and when to sleep...

"Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise." my Colonial lover Thomas Jefferson

Try to get a good night sleep for even 1 night around 10pm wake up and look in the mirror..You will look beautiful, alert, and feel refreshed. Try it for a week and feel the difference. No one will take care of you as well as You can.. To prevent wrinkles and hair tangles use a satin pillow case which doesn't pull on your skin and hair.

sweet dreams:)

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