Friday, August 5, 2011

Perfect 4 Platinum

What's new in the world of Pureology?

4 New Products for anyone with 4 or more levels of lift in their hair

What does 4 levels of lift mean? Any time your hair is 4 or more shades lighter than it's natural color.

So, Let's play a game...Are these celebrities Perfect 4 Platinum or would they be better suited to another Pureology system? (ANSWER'S AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST*)

Fun Fact: Over 52 million women in the United States are blonde and of that number how many of them do you really think are natural?

This Pureology system could not have come at a better time in our hair trends. Right now we are seeing Kim Vo's Ombre color (fading roots to lighter ends) ,and we are coming out of summer where so many of us have been lightening our locks.. Now it's time to nourish that hair again..And who better than the leader in Serious Colour Care to create this new system. Love you Pureology!!!

What's makes this new system so special:)

Keravis Protien for strength
Chamomile for softness
Lemon extracts to brighten
Coriander oil enhances shine

daily Pureology system for anyone with 4+ levels of lift in the hair desiring strength and repair

Treatment mask with 5 times the amount of Keravis to strengthen the hair

Treatment has 15 times the amount of Keravis to leave the hair 78% stronger after the 1st use

I've been using the miracle filler on my hair for a week now, and it feels so soft. Also, a little goes a long way. If you use too much you can feel a coating. With all Pureology products one thing to remember is their formula's are highly concentrated. This creates less waste in packaging over time because the products are made to last longer. Also, there is more value for your dollar because what normally might be gone in a month can last much longer than expected.

So, are you Perfect 4 Platinum?

Yes. Blake Lively and Cameron Diaz are some of the most gorgeous sun kissed ladies.
Yes! Julia Robert's with her signature red has been playing with bits of bright.
YES!! You can see Anna Lynne McCord's highlights through her curls.
YES!! YES!! Kim Kardashian now is a beautiful brunette, but once upon a time she was a beautiful blonde

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