Friday, August 12, 2011

Lauren Bacall's High School Hair Cut.

Today Portland had the most beautiful weather, and I was lucky enough to sit in the sun for a few hours and read Lauren Bacall By Myself.

Here is one quick story I loved that many of you can relate too about a bad haircut when you really didn't get what you hoped for or when you actually just hoped to look like someone else.


Lauren Bacall, Betty Bacall at the time, was searching for herself. She was forming her identity as we all are at different points in our lives when we have to redefine ourselves depending on where we are in our journey.

..."Like the time I had seen Margaret Sullavan in a movie. She was a wonderful actress, and I loved her looks. I wanted to look like that. My hair was long- it had been for years. Time for a change. But, my mother and grandmother would be furious, so I pondered for days. Finally I decided I'd pondered enough. Time for action. I was to have my hair trimmed.

Mother gave me money. I took off for the shop. I was so excited- I'd leave 86th Street looking like me, I'd return looking like Margaret Sullavan. Thrilling. I sat in the barber chair and told the man what I wanted- I had a small photograph of Margaret Sullavan with me. He looked at me and said, "Are you sure that's what you want?" "I'm sure. Cut it all off."

Margaret Sullavan

He picked up his scissors and began. One side went and I looked cockeyed. It was awful, but it would be lovely when both sides were done. They finally were. I looked in the mirror. The hair was Margaret Sullavan, all right- very short, just below the ears, bangs- but the face was still mine. The two definitely did not go together. But it was too late now, there was nothing for it but to go home and face the music..." ...But it was awful- I looked hideous and I hated it. But it would grow back- I hoped. Fortunately, it did before I had finished high school. I was an awkward mess anyway, the hair just added to the picture."

Lauren redefined 2010 ad
model Karlie Kloss

These last 2 images are from a shoot I worked on over a year ago. For their hair I thought of Lauren Bacall's dramatic side part with the slight cowlick in the corner above the eye for height. It's elegant and classic old Hollywood. I would love to try to create this again in black and white with the models giving the "Lauren Bacall Look" kind of gazing up through eyes with a mind of their own. But, the shoot that day wasn't trying to recreate Lauren Bacall; however, I think her the glamour still comes through.

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