Thursday, June 30, 2011

Side Bun Ideas

My wonderful little sister Maria is in a wedding next month in Virginia...She asked for a website that has different side buns with some volume and bangs...I thought this was a great opportunity to help her and get a small selection for this seasons brides and bridesmaids...And, all of you lovelies going to some super fun weddings this summer...

One idea when looking for styles to show your stylist is to consider your hair type and what celebrities have similar hair or facial features.. Or, someone whose style you admire..Google their name and search for all the images of how they have ever worn their hair..This is easier than finding a blog of hairstyles. Chances are at the awards shows they've attended over the years you can get a lot of different angles of the same style and see how you would like bangs up, down, with volume in different places, or different wave patterns..

Here are Michelle Williams and Natalie Portman, two beautiful women that appear often on my blog. If you have fine to medium texture hair, between chin/shoulder length search for pictures of these stars when looking for inspiration.

If you have thick, full, long hair with some wave look to Eva Longoria or Mischa Barton for style ideas..

For naturally curly hair that can be smoothed out easily...kind of fine and thin check out Nicole Kidman...But, keep in mind a lot of her styles extensions and hair pieces have been added.

Consider where you want the volume ,the bun, and back combing for fullness throughout the style...Look at pictures of Carrie Underwood for volume ideas..She loves big hair!!

Maria I'll see you in October for our awesome cousin Kyla's wedding!! Can't wait..And, yes I will do your hair:)

love y'all.

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