Saturday, June 11, 2011

Jennifer Aniston's New Hair

So, what's the word in the salon? Jennifer Aniston's new haircut!! How many of your clients have asked you for this? I love it!! A fresh, sophisticated, sexy long bob..Still with her signature sandy color..I think it's fresh and a great updated look for summer...

You know..She used to be known for the "Rachel" earlier in her career, a cut based off of a character she played..Now she is known by her own name "Jennifer Aniston's new haircut" I think she has some pretty badass hair, and she has proven to be a strong woman!

Let's do this do!!
and, check out those sweet pants..

My comment won't show up:( So, here is the response to Anonymous:)


Thank you so much for your comment..I agree these aren't the very best pictures of Jennifer Aniston, but they do show the line and shape of her cut as well as color..This is just one way she could style it..So, when my clients bring me in that gorgeous retouched image I will show them these and see what it might be on a normal day..A day when they look like Jen, Barbara, or just a their pretty little selves with this long bob..

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  1. I not so sure these pictures do her new do any justice here. It's definitely cute, but not sexy. The tank top, the first impression is a "butch Barbara Streisand". Nevertheless, she's Jennifer Aniston and she's gorgeous! Thanks for posting. :)