Friday, May 13, 2011

Royal Wedding Hair and Hats

So, the other day on good old facebook I saw a great update on hairstyling.. Check out the link to this Kim Vo How To video on the hair that's all the rage...Kate Middleton our new fairytale bride.. Girls I would still go to a hairstylist for this.. But, I love posting for stylists and for all:)

What did you guys think of the hats?

Oh my... It is kind of a fun tradition...I wonder what we will see this wedding season in the US..Will we participate in this tradition and make it our new trend...If so, I love our local , Portland hat designer Dayna Pinkham Millinery Dayna's studio inside Morgan's Alley in downtown Portland has some pieces that you would love to try on...Stop in... Or, for less of a hat feel maybe something lighter weight check out Bridal Designer Twigs and Honey in my links I love on the right of the blog...

A few notable hats mostly by designer Philip Treacy" (His lines/shapes/use of color on his website are incredible)

Victoria Beckham is expecting her 4th child..She was not very friendly in her photos, but she looked gorgeous..Maybe she wasn't feeling well...I thought the hairstyle was a good choice to balance her hat..It was all neat, clean lines..I'm guessing her ponytail was added hair to give a long clean line in the back to balance the long twisting thin lines coming out of the hat...Very nicely done.. Can you believe those heels..It would be fun to try and walk in her shoes..especially if you get to walk beside David Beckham listening to his sexy accent..

This was one of my favorites..I think she is adorable...I'm excited for my cousin's wedding in October..It's pretty casual..But, I might still find some kind of head piece.. I can't wait to see all my family:)

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