Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Katie Shillingford pink hair

This is a gorgeous way to have a dusting of pink... In the Vogue article Katie Shillingford style editor who has a black and white Ombre bob in my blog post a few weeks ago, transforms into a paler shade for spring... I've seen she's one to watch...

One way for a quick effect on blonds is to crush powder or eye shadow and sprinkle it into the hair to catch the light...This can be done on brown hair with a gold or warm colored eye shadow..or on blacker tones with a blue, purple, or green..Really play with whatever makes you happy!!!

In college I had bright pink manic panic hair..I loved it..We bleached it all out light then dyed over it with red...which came out pink...The inspiration was a spring break rock climbing trip to the Red River Gorge in Kentucky..I was happy with the pink..I felt like a super hero...And, I think it helped give me hidden powers...

xo lovelies

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