Sunday, May 22, 2011

Men's Hair Cuts

Are you guys looking for some different Men's stlyles? Check out Steven Chu's BLOG

Finding new ideas for men's hair...Or even short women's cuts...requires imagination..and, willingness to try something different...Once a Colonel in the Marines told me the difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is 2 days..For someone who keeps their hair extremely short that's true..But, for most men they will need to get their haircut every 3-8 weeks depending on the style.

Determining factors?
hairline, thickness (hair density), wave pattern (texture) to begin with...

Then length can be decided..
How short should it be around the ears? Should there be hair falling over the ears, or lightly hiding a little, or cut very clean...
Determine how length and thickness of the sideburns...
Length of the hair in the front (bangs) Should it have a part of sweep to one side? What will it naturally do? Ask your stylist to show you a few tricks with a blow dryer or flat iron to tame unruly hair...
How short should the neckline be? If it's longer should pieces flick out so you can see them a little in the front? Should it be very short fading to longer like 20's gangsters? Or is it short or medium just normally blended..

These are all the elements of a men's cut...

You can also talk about hair color, hair loss treatments, and products...Different products will help achieve new looks...

And, don't forget the eyebrows:)

Steven Chu's BLOG of men's styles..


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