Thursday, January 6, 2011


Today I was out and the cover of Vanity Fair caught me again...I mean if you put Johnny Depp on the cover I'm going to have to look at the magazine.

In 2010 Vanity Fair has put out some of my favorite covers of any publication...Vogue and W are right up there too..Here are a few faves..

Trends I've noticed this year are solid hair colors which can also be seen on Marilyn and Liz Taylor. But, instead of the red lips we are seeing very pale, nude colors. But, stick to what looks best. If you need a splash of pink or red go for it. We don't want to appear washed out. Adding blush and a smokey eye can help balance a pale lip. Have fun and try something new for the NEW YEAR!!



Our lovely ladies with light eyes and dark hair..

The blond bombshells... I love Gaga's gray nail polish...

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