Saturday, January 29, 2011

Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis

The Black Swan has been the talk of the salon for the past few weeks with very mixed reviews. I just went to see it last Friday, and it set me into a mood since then. It's a movie that effects you. My coworker might have even developed a touch of vertigo from all of the whirling scenes. She was dizzy for days and had to miss work. But, it becomes mentally and physically exhausting if you actually let it in.

For hair...She wears it tight in a ballerina's bun..Her dark counterpart Mila Kunis wears it loose, tied in a floppy bun for practice. I think the only time Natalie has her hair down is when the white and black swan go to get drinks...Showing that she is beginning to let go of having to be perfect.

In the scene where Nina, the new star, takes the place of the old star which couldn't have been cast better as Winona Ryder we can see a clean, polished, sophisticated french twist on Nina. This style speaks classic elegance, and is kind of conservative. The french twist is a great go to style and is very popular for brides. We can see Winona in a shaggy, messy, flipped style. The bangs are a little overgrown falling over her eyes, the texture is a little frizzy and uneven. And, her eye makeup is smudged from tears of anger, sadness, and loss. The hair and makeup give her the look of a star that has fallen, a girl that must pull herself together to survive her next chapter of life or stay frazzled in her effort to hold onto her moment of fame instead of evolving gracefully.

Winona's makeup also plays a role when Nina steels the old stars red lipstick to try and seduce her teacher into giving her the lead role which requires her to play the white and black swan. Someone who can embody perfection/purity and instinct/sexuality.

The "Black Swan" was visually amazing. The costumes, the hair/makeup, the dancing, and the casting were spot on.

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