Sunday, January 23, 2011

Troy Polamalu Super Bowl Hair

I grew up in a small college town in Indiana, PA near Pittsburgh, and the STEELERS will always be my team... It looks like they are on their way to the SUPERBOWL! I love being a Steeler fan!! They are now tied with the Dallas Cowboys for attending the most Superbowls(fact according to my lovely sister Maria) I was on the phone all the 4th quarter with Maria...She helps understand every play...Love you sister..

So..being girls we talked about the players and hair of course...

Troy Polamalu has been growing his hair for 10 yrs. to show love for his Samoan roots. Hair only grows about 6 inches a year (1/2 and inch a month)...I'm not sure how long his hair is, but it's long and luscious.

Troy Polamalu's hair has a $1 million dollar insurance policy against on field hair loss. Players are allowed to pull hair to take his down. It's the 1st head of hair in sports history to be insured...pretty cool...Check out his "Head and Shoulders" commercials.. I would probably suggest Pureology Super Smooth or Hydrate Shampoos. I bet he would love the minty tingle and smell of Pureology's Hydrate conditioner...But, boys will be boys and use whatever they like:)I've heard guys also like Dove for a head and body wash.

I love that the NFL has an Official Shampoo...Thank you Head and Shoulders...

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