Sunday, January 2, 2011

Resolutions for 2011 or future:)

Hi friends,

So what are your new years resolutions? I'm excited for 2011!! I also like how this year looks with the 11 and 2 exclamation points!! hahahah...

Here are a few of my goals...

1. Go somewhere outside of Portland to work on a fashion week

2. Have a partner to help organize PFW to split the role of lead stylist so this year I can get my hands in the hair a few nights instead of coordinating each night. I had AMAZING, AMAZING stylists working with me last year!! Thank you all, and thank you Pureology for being a sponsor

3. 11 pull ups and a lot more rock climbing

4. manage my schedule better to make more time for trips..
at least

1 out of state hair trip
2 outdoor climbing trips
1 backpacking
2 trips to visit old friends

5. go to see live music in Portland at least 4 times

That's all for now..just a few main goals...more will come I'm sure!!



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