Sunday, February 21, 2010

Witchy Woman

This is the shoot with lovely Megan before she leaves us for China to model for 3 months. We wanted to do 2 very different looks, hard/dark and soft/sweet. She accomplished it perfectly. The keys to hair for the shoot were a perfect little hair addition of a small bun for her new bob, and white and blondish hair powder to get her hair rough and wild. The fish net headband was an idea I found in Vogue while looking through the magazine while Terri did her amazing black lips outside. We just cut a fishnet stalking and went for it to give her faux hawk a little more character.

The black lipstick was impressive to do outside of the studio with wind and no running water. Terri's lines had to be perfect and her edges crisp. She killed it!!!
Photog: Brandon Witzel
Model: Megan Marie Hodge Mode International
Makeup/Wardrobe: Terri Lodge
Hair/Wardrobe: Kira Pinski

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  1. i love the severity of the hair!!!! you gave us drama!!!!! beautiful work!