Sunday, February 7, 2010


Here is a tip from It's a site for hairdressers and clients to get the latest updates on hair trends, fabulous hairdressers, products ect.

advice from Beth Minardi

"Nothing much was happening Saturday night so your client dumped brown drugstore color onto her highlighted hair. Now she’s in your chair demanding that you restore her blonde hue RIGHT NOW! Don’t do it, says BTC Color Education Director Beth Minardi. Trying to make this client all blonde in one day will lead to “color failure.” This hair must be softly highlighted every five weeks for several months. If an all over blonding or base lightening is attempted, you will be faced with orange hair, broken hair, or worse. Give her the facts and let her make the choice, says Beth. And since this is previously lightened hair, handle with care!"

hair| Mark Weston
Trichomania Salon
in the Prague
check out their 2010 hair collection!
the images used here are 2 different blondes

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