Friday, February 12, 2010


Yesterday I got a perm from my coworker Terese. We figured out yesterday that she has probably done a million perms in her career. She knows what she is doing, and I send any of my clients that want a perm to her. She can read then to not over process, she can wrap quickly, and she can choose rods that give the effect you want.


-a perm is permanent and has to grow out (straight new growth, curly ends)
(like naturally curly hair, you can blow dry or flat iron a perm, but it's not as easy as straight hair)
- you will wake up with huge hair, but styling with bobby pins into updos can be fun!
-it will fade your color treated hair, but it can be reglossed about 4 days after the perm. and shine spray helps add luster.
- products help define curls. washing and wearing is not the same as wash, product, wear..or accentuating your curls with curling irons or bobby pinning an unruly one into place..

So far, my perm has been a fun new adventure.

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