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Fashion Week San Diego FWSD

Fashion Week San Diego was a huge success. In it's 3rd year it has attracted a wide variety of designers and talent backstage.  If you love fashion this is the place to be in San Diego.
The designers brought inspiration from San Fransisco, LA, New York, Buenos Aires, Mexico,  the Mid West, the East Coast, and the Pacific North West. The diversity in the Spring/Summer collections guaranteed something for everyone.


I loved the color and the lines in this suit. The design was shorts, but the cropped image lets the imagination flow... shorts, pants, skirt. The bright color of the suit and the dark almost paint/floral impression contrast nicely. The color placement gives the models slight curves a hint of shape.

MarAlanzo has an artists vision when approaching his designs. He uses imported silks and one of a kind fabrics to really customize his pieces for the women he dresses. I spoke with his business partner Alejandro about style and elegance. How women in Paris and Buenos Aires have an elegance, sophistication, sexiness...They dress for their shape, sometimes understated, but always gorgeous. He wants to give women this experience this untouchabe yet available beauty.  The experience begins with a dream...MarAlanzo becomes your guide with his expert eye in the design process of creating a garments with you in mind... selecting fabrics, colors, draping, fit... A woman knows what she wants and MarAlanzo has an eye to make that vision a reality.

MarAlanzo creating dresses for weddings, events, and everyday glamour

What's Spring Summer without SWIM SUITS


Dos Caras Swim Suit designers



I loved being a part of the backstage hair team at FWSD. It was a great opportunity to learn from my peers, experience new products, and meet talented leaders in the hair industry.

Hair and Makeup Leads includes:

Joseph Anthony
Jeffery Floyd
Karla Lopez-Martinez of Gila Rut
Kristina-Monique Cortez of Bellus Academy
Joanna Quinn of Style Squad San Diego
Latera Pugh of Bellus Academy
James Overstreet
Sonia Tabor of Bellus Academy
Llewelyn Labio of Style Squad San Diego
William Williams


Leaders brought their own teams. For hair, the Bellus Academy used 3 tables of about 7 students each, and salons brought at least 4 experienced stylists. There were easily over 15 stylists at FWSD who were at the top of their game.  Bellus Academy brought talented students, up and coming artists. Everyone wanted to be there. It was difficult for me to find a position backstage as the show approached, but Joseph Anthony created space. I am forever thankful.



I was excited to be a part of a new market. With years of backstage experience in Portland including 7 years on Portland Fashion Week 2 years as lead stylist as well as working on and leading top Portland shows, San Diego had plenty to offer.

words from the FWSD Hair/Makeup leads

FWSD took the time to put this video together to create a connection with the hair/makeup sponsors.

I learned:
setting up table mirrors
volumizing braids with powder to add a dry, full texture
shoe sponsors provide shoes in each size for fast, consistency
adding hair filler to a roll for shape and fullness
a new technique to wrap beach waves on a curling iron
tree braid

Watching my peers helps me mix up habits at the salon that I might have forgotten or didn't know. It's  important to stay fresh. When I assisted Joseph Anthony or when stylists assisted me handing bobby pins or rubber bands I remembered from my apprenticeship that there is an art to handing a pin. The assistants hand takes up as little space as possible. Holding the pin with the tips of your fingers in the same position either teeth up or down every time. Placing it just where the lead stylist would reach without having to extend or search for it. With a rubber band placing 1 in your hand leaving the palm open.  Fashion shows work well with teammates.

My Team lead by Joseph Anthony

Allison Andrews, FWSD show producer

Thank you for making it all possible.

Hairstylist Kira Pinski FB

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