Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fashion Week Day 1

Fashion Week is like Christmas to me. The excitement of paced..drama like a clothes..everything is a bit over the top..lights, cameras, new and old friends..exactly like Christmas..right?

I've been a part of Fashion Weeks backstage for 7 years beginning with Portland Fashion Week in 2007. Portland Fashion Week is the 3rd longest running show after New York and LA beginning in 2002. I began my working with Eric Nelson founder of Sidlab who was the first major hair sponsor for the show. In 2010 and 2011 in their 9th and 10th year running I had the honor introducing Pureology  to the production as a major sponsor and becoming the solo lead stylist for the week managing teams through Pureology. Each night I would have a different Pureology salon working together backstage to create the looks. My team would change the hair between each set possibly 6 times in a night...That means fast hands, sharp eyes, and a well thought out plan. I love every second of it. Christmas for hair!!

 In 2013, I moved to San Diego for warmer weather and following my heart. This year I got to work backstage doing hair for Fashion Week San Diego with Joseph Anthony as my direct lead stylist as well as teams from Bryll Hair Lounge, Gila Rut a 2012 NAHA (North American Hairstylist Award winner), and Bellus Academy. I saw product backstage from Evo, Bumble and Bumble, a href="">Wella
, and a few favorites here and there. This was the 3rd year Fashion Week San Diego has run. And, I'm excited to report the similarities and differences from each show. I love my new home in sunny California.

This week in the spirit of Fashion Weeks around the world which from my experience run Thurs, Fri. Sat. (sometimes Sunday) I will do a write up each day pertaining to Fashion Weeks local and around the world this Thurs. Fri. and Sat. Follow me in my Christmas Spring/Summer excitement!!

BEST SHOW according to The Wall Street Journal

"For models, Rick Owens has step dancers flown in from the U.S.- mostly African-American, whichmeans the show was also the most diverse. His collection, fitted for their sturdy athletic bodies, proved the Rick Owens woman can be broad and strong. It took a few moments to realize the dancers, whose strange expressions and poses seemed to poke fun at unsmiling models, weren't an opening act. But in the end, some guests and models were moved to tears." -Christina Binkley, Wall Street Journal

I have never seen every model showing a collection walk with such confidence, power, and emotion. There was no fear, no awkward strides, no zombies, no dear in headlights...just strength and talent...which is beauty...

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