Tuesday, June 25, 2013

When we met...I was a unicorn...

How many of you wish you could say that... My friends know I love to carry this happy, unicorn spirit with me everyday, but Halloween 2010 I had the opportunity to be a unicorn for the day.

Josh Mitchell of Continuum Wedding Photographyand I actually met for the first time while we were both living in Portland. He was shooting a wedding...A Halloween wedding...(yes. only in Portland. and it was epic)  My friend wanted a herd of unicorns at her wedding...And, I was more than happy to be a unicorn with a magic star wand..Can we please do that again:)

Of course I did the brides hair as a unicorn:)

3 years later, I'm in San Diego...And, it seems I've turned into a model..Or, at least Josh Mitchell of Continuum Photography and makeup artist Cheriene Galley make me feel like a model.
These were a few of my favorite images..There were so many it was hard to choose!! I feel so welcomed to San Diego by my old/new friends:)

Yes, Portland. This is the Betsy & Iya Fremont Bridge Bracelet

home sweet home...

Check out my bio on the Continuum Website, Josh and Melissa know how to have fun and create amazing images that you will always treasure. Continuumweddings.com Thank you Josh and Melissa Mitchell

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