Sunday, November 20, 2011

Gym Hair

So, many of you know me as a hairstylist for fashion shows, weddings, photo shoots, and everyday beautiful salon hair... But, what about workout hair?

I've been going to the Portland Rock Gym and climbing outside a lot more. Gym hair has become a part of my life...I'm having so much fun with it!!

A few ideas...I can't believe I'm going to give a few of my secrets away in creating what looks like effortless, casual hair.

Perfect Ponytail

Jessica Biel's pony is done with her natural texture maybe a little iron to curl,
a little teasing in the crown I'm guessing hairspray in the ponytail for some texture/fullness,
and a small middle part..Love it:)

Step 1. Flat iron your hair

Step 2. Choose a hairband that does not distract from your hair or outfit unless that is your goal. I like small black rubberbands preferably with a fabric or soft covering, no metal to snag hair. I also love these cloth bands that I found at Urban Waxx..Great as a bracelet then in the hair:)

Step 3. Spray with a light flexible hairspray I love Pureology Strengthening Control this will tame any flyaways in the hairline. Spray in the direction you want the hair to sit kind of like blowing it into place with the fine mist. DO NOT SPRAY TOO CLOSE OR YOU WILL HAVE 90'S HARD HAIR PONYTAIL..not soft and pretty

Maria Sharapova keeps her ponytail neat by adding clips and bobbypins into the sides where layers fall out. The layers look beautiful when her hair is down, but it's nice to pin them back while competing.

Adam Bove Photography (Puppy Chow (5.12c) New River Gorge, WV

One of my very best college friends, Lydia Mcdonald. I love how her ponytail moves while she climbs. She is a curling iron master as well:) I remember cutting her hair long before I was a hairstylist at the Immaculate Consumption coffee house in Columbia, SC. Those were some good times...

Ponytail Options: leave your hair natural texture, curl it with an iron, CRIMP IT, tease the ponytail slightly, or tease the crown, make a part... middle, deep side part, structured or loose, add a bobby pin for direction, or a headband...Awesome Headbands at the new prAna store on 23rd.. only 1 of 3 stores in the country..We are so lucky to have prAna here in Portland!!!!

Headband/Scarves with natural texture of hair, curled, scrunched with a ton of water and hairspray or salt spray to get it curly or beachy, works best when it's warm or can dry fast so the curl can stay in it's form.. However your hair looks wet is probably how it will look when it dries so twist it for a little bend or comb it for a smooth finish.. .Try seeing what else your hair can do:)

Steph Davis, professional climber for prAna has her natural texture with a small headband to keep her bangs or layers out of her face. She is amazing, check out Steph's blog for climbing, base jumping, vegan cooking, and simple living . When she was in Portland I had the opportunity to cut her hair. She gave the advice.."When it's cold I wear my hair down, when it's hot I put it up." Simple. Beautiful.

Learning to Fly from steph davis on Vimeo.


And, when I climb... if my hair wasn't down I would love to wear it in this badass braid with a feather wrist band..I know it's not going to happen, but maybe when I climb in my dreams:)

I like this sweet, neat braid tied with a shred of fabric.

And, a fun bun.. Exercise should be fun, so the hair can be playful as well to match your mood. I like the loose pieces of this style and the high bun..This won' t fit under a helmet, so if you do this when you leave the house plan if you this style will function throughout your day:)

Venus and Serena Williams with a low bun/ponytail

Just turned on the TV, and the American Music Awards are on with Jennifer Lopez..I love award show hair! Watching this I realized some rock stars leave their hair down and wild while dancing on stage..It's pretty much an intense aerobics class. That's how I like to feel when I exercise, wild and free.

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