Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rock Star Bangs

Leslie Fiest

Feist's bangs are clean and separate from her hair. They are not layered or blended into the sides. When she pulls her hair up nothing is falling. The ends are heavy and blunt. She has a very clean, finished look while remaining a rock star. I think I had hair like this in 4th grade:)

Scars on 45
Aimee Driver

I had to post their Grey's Anatomy video because I still watch this show...I'm ready for it to be over so I can move on with my life...

I love Aimee's bangs for the opposite reason I love Feist's..She wears them wispy and layered into the sides completely framing her face. Her style is kind of a 70's shag, layered out and hipster. It works well with her stick straight fine hair. Notice these stars use their natural texture as much as possible. When they are sweating on stage your hair will go right back to how nature intended. Hairspray, product, and fake hair are always help create a little magic:)

Florence + The Machine
Florence Welch

I like the headband across her bangs in her Drumming Song video...

Florence wears her bangs full and blunt, straight across or with a slight side swoop.

Laura Gibson

I love how Laura's bangs are round like the moon as beams of light shine on her and voice that seems to be as haunting as the rain and gloom this Pacific North West singer knows so well.

I like this alternate style choice of side sweeping when they get a little long. Just pop a bobby pin into the style, and it's grade school turned rock and roll just like Feist...

Here you go..the ultimate 80's man bangs!!
We love you David Bowie

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