Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pink's New Haircut

On march 7th Pink's people called me from LA to see if I knew who did another celebritie's hair which was also short and cute because they said Pink wanted to find a new hairdresser...They found me because of this blog...which is AWESOME!! On March 10th she had to go to a premier where she hated her hair...I wonder if she got it cut before or after this phone call...

These are some of my favorite shapes of Pink's everyday hair that clients could also wear.

One thing that we have to remember is that Pink is pregnant and emotions are running high. Whenever I cut a pregnant woman's hair differently she loves it one minute, hates it the next, loves it, hates it, loves it...I do agree this isn't the most flattering cut, but maybe with a little styling changes it could be cool!! (image at the bottom of this post labeled new cut)

I think the shape is not right for her. Pink looks great with height on top and the sides back away from her face and tight/not full..or one side full..

I think curls would be flattering right now with the softness of motherhood...And, I like the idea of more of a honey blond..I did love the gray...It feels edgy, statuesque, 20's glam, and it is something very hard for the everyday woman to achieve (lasting dyed gray) But, I miss her blond for this new phase of life..And maybe I've just been influenced by Kim Vo magic from my last class..hahah..

straight from her crazy:) i wonder what's next for her...

Pink's New Hair

attending premiere of The Lincoln Lawyer held at Arclight Hollywood at the Cinerama Dome on March 10, 2011 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images) Source: Getty Images

this style could be a transition from this cut...But i think I would like to see more length on top..Her new "bowl cut" could be good if it was a little messier and pushed to one side or the other..I think I like it more to the opposite side of this photo..It grows about 1/2 an inch a month...maybe throw in a few extensions...Or go with it..Pink has a GORGEOUS, POWERFUL, CAPTIVATING FACE. Her eyes, and smile glow making look amazing when she turns on that energy.

It's also interesting that one hairdresser can give one person an amazing haircut and another something that doesn't fit..But, we are artists, and we are always pushing our limits and trying new things...Sometimes it's a masterpiece, but sometimes it's not the best...But, without risk you never grow..And, what's good about hair...It always...always grows..You can't have a bad hair day for long..styling is the trick:)

Here is some inspiration for short hair that one of my lovely, lovely clients sent me the other night for her haircut this week...Maybe this could be something Pink could try..

xo short haired ladies:)


  1. Who is Pink's stylist now? Love her new 'do.

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