Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pureology Colourists' Solution...for clients and stylists

okay kids...I've got a 2 hr break from a cancellation at the salon, and we have a huge improvement...THE INTERNET...We are having so much fun..talking about Bett's trip to Hawaii being nice and warm on the beach...Listening to Les McCann on our new Pandora...sipping coffee in our dryer chair area...Stan's making everyone laugh as usual...Could life be any better:)

Well yes...Pureology has something new as well...

Do you want your color to last longer? We've got "the Solution"...

Right in line with Pureology's Promise

1. Anti Drying Pretreatment

an individual scalp hydrating treatment with soothing organic willow herb...

It is great for all over color treatments or all over bleaches which go directly on the scalp. The treatment shields the skin with willow minimizes scalp sensitivity, irritation, and staining of the skin. It's really wonderful, and does not effect the haircolor. It is there to help the skin:)

2. Fiber Integrity Spray

This mist of organic soy protien and wheat cystine coats the hair to strengthen and prevent haircolour from damaging the hair's integrity. Fiber Integrity Spray helps hair accept colour more evenly through the length of the hair. Great for all over colour refreshing the ends, all over colour changes, or highlight/lowlight. Really any colour service where you want haircolor through the ends.

3. Neutralizing Colour Sealer

At the shampoo bowl, when the colour is rinsed out apply Colourist's Solution, Neutralizing Colour Sealer to restore the hair's pH balance with citric acid. The Neutralizing Colour Sealer also neutralizes oxidation and ammonia odors. It's kind of cool..if you don't rinse the colour the whole way the solution turns hot pink to let you know a little more rinsing is needed:)Sealing the hair like this is great for making colour last...especially if you are toning and want your colour to stay true and not go brassy.'ve got the scoop!!! If you want it just ask...It's an extra add on treatment for $20 at Salon Capelli...It can be a cost saver not having to tone ends every time...just having to do root retouches...and, the hair condition is improved when colour isn't applied over all of the ends every time.

love you guys!!


back to work:)
pictures of the products added later when I'm back home...

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