Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Vidal Sassoon Interview

Someone very special to me sent an interview on Vidal Sassoon, one of the greatest hairdressers in the industry. He created geometric short haircuts, a line of products and salons, and jump started hair cutting of the 60's on women such as, Nancy Kwan, Mia Farrow, Mary Kwant, and Grace Coddington. He has changed the way we cut and style hair forever.

Listen to the interview with Vidal Sassoon on NPR

The Nancy Kwan

Here is one of the most famous images in hairdressing...Vidal cut 4 FEET off of Nancy Kwan's hair while she cooly played chess with her manager. That's 48 inches..10 inches is what you need to donate to Locks of Love...And, all of you who have donated realize just how much weight and hair that really is. It's a huge change!! This cut made Nancy Kwan's face one of the most recognizable in the world of bobs and fashion.

Mia Farrow with Vidal Sassoon

In 1968, Roman Polanski invited photographers and the media to come broadcast Mia Farrows haircut for NBC, CBS, and ABC which began the craze of her Rosemary's Baby haircut.

Twiggy Follows the Short Hair Trend

Agnes Dyne and Emma Watson Follow Suit

And, we follow the trends of these models and actresses when we seek change in our lives and a time to be bold.

One of My Favorite Quotes from the Interview

In response to hippy hair and the long hair of today that just hangs without shape..."Long hair is beautiful when it's cut long , but when it's just left hanging and straggly..I think do these people have style.. I mean their clothes look well, but where is there bone structure... You can't see a thing. All you see are curtains." Vidal Sassoon 2011

Let's style it up ladies:)



Listen to the interview with Vidal Sassoon on NPR
The new documentary, Vidal Sassoon, is airing in NY and other cities in the near future.

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